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2005 Media Releases

June 8, 2005
For More Information Contact:
Lynn Johnson, Parks and Recreation, 441-8265

Swimming And Wading Prohibited At Holmes Lake

Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department officials remind residents that swimming and wading are not allowed at Holmes Lake.

“Our main concern is the safety of park visitors,” said Parks and Recreation Director Lynn Johnson. “Visibility at Holmes Lake is limited to about two feet. It’s possible for a child to slip beneath the surface of the water and not be seen. In many areas, the lake bottom slopes steeply away from the shoreline into deeper water. ”

Sand areas and boat ramps around the shoreline provide opportunities for launching and beaching canoes, kayaks and sailboats. However, these sand areas are not intended for swimming or wading. Johnson said those swimming or wading in the lake could be fined. He encouraged those wanting to swim to visit one of Lincoln’s 11 public pools. All public pools are now open daily.

Boats with gas-powered motors are not allowed at the lake. Non-motorized boats and fishing boats with electric tolling motors are allowed. Boaters are encouraged to wear life jackets or personal floatation devices.

The project to remove silt and reshape the shoreline of Holmes Lake was recently completed. The lake is gradually refilling to its normal level with each rain. Many enhancements have been made around and within the lake to improve habitat for fish and to increase access for fishing.

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