Effective Wednesday, April 15, the Aging Partners office at 1005 "O" St. will be closed until further notice. All other Senior Centers in Lancaster County and the Fitness Center remain closed. All events and training programs are canceled until further notice.

Meal delivery continues and many services can be accessed by calling 402-441-7070.


The NeighborLNK program is designed to facilitate personal connections by directly linking volunteers with seniors (age 60 and over) or persons with disabilities who are homebound and seeking additional support as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

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This program is designed to help keep homebound residents healthy, connected, and independent during the physical isolation required by the pandemic, as well as to cultivate bonds of friendship that could potentially last beyond the pandemic.

NeighborLNK volunteers will do errands for the participants and offer companionship through phone or video calls. COVID-19 precautions will be followed, and volunteers will not enter participants' homes.

If you're a senior (age 60 and over) or a person with disabilities and would like to request assistance through this program, select “I could use this service.”

If you're interested in serving as a volunteer, select “I can provide services.” Volunteers must complete an application, sign a waiver, and pass a background check. Volunteers will be assigned to those requesting services based on location and interests. Volunteers must be at least 19 years old and must complete a brief online training.

Frequently Asked Questions

To support volunteers' contributions to the community, volunteers may receive ongoing support from ServiceSpace, a volunteer-run organization that leverages modern technology to support the building of enduring relationships. ServiceSpace will host regular video forums with volunteers so that volunteers have an opportunity to connect with one another, raise questions, and further develop the skills critical to the success of their paired relationships – such as deep, compassionate listening and holding space for others.

Once matched with a homebound neighbor, a volunteer will work with that person to determine services and schedules. Services include:

  • Grocery pickup and delivery (must be prepaid)
  • Pickup and delivery of library books (must be prearranged)
  • Errands, such as food and medication delivery
  • Video/phone calls for companionship and check-ins

For more information, see our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact Aging Partners NeighborLNK at 402-441-7575 or NeighborLNK@lincoln.ne.gov.

Seniors Foundation

This program is sponsored by
The Seniors Foundation


إذا كنت تتحدث العربية وترغب في أن يساعدك شخص ما ، أو إذا كنت ترغب في العمل كمتطوع لشخص يتحدث العربية ، يرجى الاتصال بالمركز الآسيوي والثقافي على الرقم 402-477-3446

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如果你会说中文并希望有人给与帮助,或者如果你愿意作为志愿者为讲中文的人服务, 请拨打电话402-477-3446给亚洲社区文化中心.

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Information about NeighborLNK in Karen as an image. Please call 402-477-3446 for assistance.

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Si usted habla Español y quiere que alguien le ayude o si quiere ser voluntario para una persona que hable español por favor comuníquese con El Centro De las Américas al número 402-474-3950.

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Nếu quí vị nói tiếng Việt và cần tìm sự trợ giúp, hoặc nếu quí vị muốn trở thành tình nguyện viên để hỗ trợ cộng đồng người Việt, vui lòng liên hệ với Hội Á Châu qua số điện thoại 402-477-3446.

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Frequently Asked Questions about NeighborLNK

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Why is the City of Lincoln starting this program now?

The program is designed to help keep homebound residents healthy, connected, and independent during the isolation required by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as to cultivate bonds of friendship that could potentially last beyond the pandemic. Volunteers are paired with homebound adults (age 60 and over) or persons with disabilities to perform simple errands, such as grocery and medication delivery, and to offer companionship through phone or video calls. COVID-19 precautions will be followed, and volunteers will not enter participants' homes.

Who is eligible to request services?

At this time, only seniors (age 60 and over) and residents with disabilities may request services through this program.

How do I volunteer?

Healthy volunteers must complete an application packet, and email the completed packet to NeighborLNK@lincoln.ne.gov. After the information is reviewed, a program representative will contact you via email or phone with the next steps.

Do I have to pay for the background check?

No, the City covers the cost. Background checks are necessary to protect all involved and may take up to five business days.

How are volunteers matched with homebound neighbors seeking support?

Aging Partners staff will review all volunteer applications and assistance requests. People will be paired based upon location and services requested. Once a pairing is made, both parties will be notified by phone, text, and/or email.

How is the City of Lincoln screening volunteers to make sure they are healthy?

Volunteer training conducted by the City will provide resources on appropriate COVID-19 social distancing practices, face covering protocols, how to stay healthy, and when to inform the City of any health concerns. Volunteers will be trained on how to provide services without being in direct contact with the participant or entering their home.

Are volunteers considered employees of the City of Lincoln?

Volunteers are not employees of the City of Lincoln and are not entitled to benefits such as wages, workers' compensation, paid time off, insurance, retirement, or other benefits. Any personal homeowners, auto, health, and umbrella insurance you have will be the primary coverage in the event of any injuries or loss.

What is the minimum age for volunteers?

Volunteers must be at least age 19 to participate in the program at this time.

How do I request services through a pairing?

There are two ways to request services:

  • Fill out the application packet and email the completed application to NeighborLNK@lincoln.ne.gov.
  • Call 402-441-7575 to request an application packet. The packet will be emailed to you or mailed with a return envelope. If staff are not available to answer your call, leave a voicemail message with your name and address.
How will the volunteer assist me?

Volunteers can help with errands and provide companionship through video/phone calls and other remote interactions. Volunteers may shop for and deliver groceries, as well as deliver medications and library books. These services must be paid for in advance by the person requesting the service. Volunteers will not enter homes due to COVID-19 precautions and social distancing requirements.

How do I confirm that the person at my door is a City-approved volunteer?

The safety of our community is our highest priority. All NeighborLNK volunteers complete a background check. Volunteers know they are not allowed in your home, so please do not invite anyone inside. If you have any doubts or questions, contact Aging Partners at 402-441-7575. Volunteers are trained on how to handle these situations and are happy to wait until their identities are confirmed. Feel free to raise your concerns to volunteers. You may also email NeighborLNK@lincoln.ne.gov, but a response may take up to three business days due to the current pandemic situation.

How can I participate in the program if I speak another language or I am deaf or hard of hearing?

Please note any special requirements on your application. Efforts will be made to accommodate you.

How do I request a different volunteer?

The City will work to ensure a mutually beneficial match is made, but we understand that sometimes the fit isn't quite right. Please email NeighborLNK@lincoln.ne.gov or call 402-441-7575 to request a different volunteer or for help with the program.

When will I receive a response from the City about assistance?

Please allow two to three business days for a telephone or email response to your request.