2017 Upstream Art – Lincoln

This unique and educational program utilized art to communicate the function and importance of storm drains. Area artists painted semi-permanent murals on storm drains with messages to protect the water and environment.

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What was the UpStream Art – Lincoln Program?

The purpose of the UpStream Art - Lincoln Program was to draw attention to the usually discreet concrete and iron infrastructure with the hope that observers stop and think about where the water goes after it enters a storm drain. If residents understand that stormwater flows untreated to streams, rivers and lakes, they will be more conscious of potential pollutants that can enter those waterways and, in turn, change their behavior to minimize these risks.

There were 10 storm drains identified for the project that were part of an open call for artists. A committee selected designs from those submitted, with a goal of promoting the message that storm drains lead directly to local waterways. The committee looked for designs with water or water quality-related themes. Designs featuring native wildlife that live in or near the water and their habitat were encouraged but not required.

The storm drains were painted during the summer of 2017. The semi-permanent artwork lasted 1 to 3+ years before they were removed. Although most are no longer available, photos and artist bios can still be viewed below.

  • Jenna Raef “Pond Scene” Location: Sunken Gardens2641 “D” St.

  • Sally Cox “Clean Water Happy Dance” Location: Antelope Park1650 Memorial Dr.

  • Abbey Ahmed “We Are All Interconnected” Location: Lincoln Children’s Zoo1222 S 27th St.

  • Grace Gaard “Wonder of a Wetland” Location: Lincoln Children’s Zoo1222 S 27th St.

  • Richel Jordan “What Goes Around, Comes Around” Location: West HaymarketCanopy St., South of “P” St.

  • Joseph Humpal “It All Starts Here” Location: West HaymarketCanopy St., South of “P” St.

  • Jeanie Krejci Sterns “Drainbow” Location: Lincoln Station201 N 7th St.

  • Mallory Williams “Nature's Colors” Location: Pinnacle Bank ArenaPinnacle Arena Dr. & “R” St.

  • Isabella Catalano “Keep Our Rivers Clean” Location: Student UnionN 14th & “R” St.

  • Rosalia Roger “Splashing in Puddles” Location: Lincoln Children’s Museum1420 “P” St.

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