Flood Standards


Flood Standards for New Growth Areas

Flood standards for New Growth Areas were approved by the City Council on May 10, 2004 and became effective on May 25, 2004. Chapter 10 of the Drainage Criteria Manual (373 K) PDF provides a good overview of these requirements. The full set of regulations and standards can be found below.

No Adverse Impact

This is an overriding policy concept adopted for New Growth Areas by amendment to the Comprehensive Plan. No Adverse Impact means simply that the action of one property owner does not adversely impact the flooding risk for other properties. This concept is being implemented for New Growth Areas through ordinances and design standards, which are detailed below.

Flood Standards for Existing Urban Area

Flood Standards for the Existing Urban Area had minor updates on May 10, 2004 and January 9, 2006. These standards can also be found below (see chapters 26.24 and chapter 27.52).

The area where each set of standards applies is shown on the Application Area Map (3.76 M) PDF.

Background Information

Mayor's Floodplain Task Force

In August of 2001, former Mayor Wesely appointed the Mayor's Floodplain Task Force (FPTF), representing a range of stakeholders from the community, to formulate recommendations regarding the development of new floodplain standards. In April of 2003, the FPTF finalized recommendations for: 1) New Growth Areas, and 2) the Existing Urban Area.

Mayor's Floodplain Task Force Final Report (4.01 M) PDF