Documents and Reports

Evaluation of Storage Areas in the Salt Creek Watershed (March 2009)

There were two primary goals for the study. The first was to evaluate the potential impact that proposed offline storage would have on flood depths along Salt Creek. For the study, three locations with high suitability for offline storage were identified and evaluated. The second goal was to evaluate the storage benefit of Wilderness Park under existing conditions using the Salt Creek DFIRM update model.

LPSNRD Update of Local Hazard Mitigation Plan - Multi-Jurisdictional (March 2015)

The purpose of this plan update is to identify hazards; assess the vulnerability of each participant to the various hazards; determine potential losses associated with the hazards; examine the capabilities in place and develop sound mitigation alternatives to reduce these vulnerabilities.

Salt Creek Floodplain Mapping Update - Flood Storage Areas Brochure (May 2006) PDF

The purpose of the Salt Creek Floodplain Mapping Update is to produce revised FEMA floodplain maps for Salt Creek, using the latest technology and data available to accurately reflect Salt Creek's floodplain.

Salt Creek Floodplain Mapping Update - Floodway Approach Summary (May 2006) PDF

The purpose of this document is to summarize the technical approach for updating the floodway along the levee system of Salt Creek.

Salt-Wahoo Watershed District / City 1965 Agreement PDF

This agreement between the Salt-Wahoo Watershed District (now NRD) and the City of Lincoln authorized the local management of storm drainage and flood control.


Watershed Master Plans