About Watershed Management


To provide leadership and guidance in watershed management, by utilizing new technology and ecologically-based engineering and planning practices. The Division encourages sustainable growth by upholding responsible standards that maximize safety, minimized flood damage and conserve natural resources to ensure quality of life for future generations.


The future will bring challenges to avoid the types of stormwater issues that are problematic in the existing urban area. Watersheds will be managed in a proactive, balanced manner which will take careful planning, and the implementation of consistent funding mechanisms and projects. Projects and programs will decrease flood hazards, protect stream channels and preserve water quality.

Operating Philosophy

We believe in promoting a collaborative, professional atmosphere that fosters respect and enables the development of a high level of knowledge and technical skills. We are dedicated and creative problem-solvers who have an appreciation for the community and work in a diplomatic manner to address flooding and stormwater issues. Our division engages in a balanced approach to promote principles of sustainability and sound watershed management for Lincoln and its future growth areas.

Purpose Statement

Our primary purpose is to improve water quality, manage stormwater and reduce flood hazards, and to ensure that the City meets Federal requirements relative to stormwater quality. We do this through programs that include education, water quality testing, and enforcement of adopted standards, as well as through the implementation of capital projects within the City of Lincoln and our future growth areas.