Water and Sanitary Sewer Tapping Permit

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Summary of Tapping and Permit Charges

We annually complete a review of the cost of tapping into our water and sanitary sewer systems and permit fees to ensure we are recovering the City's costs. The current wastewater tap and water tap fee schedule is identified below.

Effective January 1, 2020

Wastewater Taps $214

Water Taps

Replacement Taps
¾” Service $242
1” Service Service $267
Permit Fees for New Services (Includes meters with radio read device)
¾” Service (Includes Tap) $635
1” Service (Includes Tap) $779
1½” Service* $1,329
2” Service* $1,801
3” Service w/compound meter* $2,596
4” Service w/compound meter* $3,148
6” Service w/compound meter* $4,572
6” Service w/fire meter* $8,800
8” Service w/fire meter* $11,247
10” Service w/fire meter* $14,274

*Does not include the cost of tapping sleeve and valve.

These fees reflect the most recent price quotes for meters and automated reading modules received by the City. The permit fees for new water services include the cost of 15 units of construction water (for all sizes).

Also, please be advised Lincoln Water System will assess a $30 fee for cancelled taps, except for weather related cancellations. Refer to Water Service Manual (613 K) PDF for details on cancellations.

Should you have questions relative to these fees, please contact one of the following:

  • Dave Beyersdorf, Supt. of Water Distribution – 402-441-5932
  • Cynthia Roth, Transportation and Utilities Business Manager – 402-441-7539