Mayor's Water Conservation Task Force

The Mayor's Water Conservation Task Force, formed in the late summer of 1988, was created to develop positive approaches to water conservation. They determined voluntary cooperation was the best approach to accomplish conservation practices.

The Task Force membership is made up of a representation of our community. There are representatives of business, nurseries, builders, landscape architects, University and County Extension services, teachers, government and general citizens. Appointments are made and approved by the Mayor and last for a three-year term. To volunteer to be a member of the task force, please contact either the Lincoln Water System at 402-441-7571 or the Mayor's Office at 402-441-7511.

The goals of the task force are to maintain a public awareness program to keep peak day water use within the water system's ability to deliver; encourage participation and support for water conservation practices from business, industry and the community; and to identify and promote the adoption of water conserving plant materials and landscape practices.

The Task Force accomplishes these goals through five subcommittees whose purpose is:

  • Inform and educate the citizens of Lincoln about the importance of conserving our water resources.
  • Increase the acceptance of water conservation measures to reduce outdoor water consumption.
  • Improve domestic in home water conservation.
  • Improve water conservation and use efficiency of industrial, commercial and business water users.
  • Inform customers regarding water quality issues.

Task Force Activities