Street Pole Banners

March 2, 2011

Application for Banner Display Application for Banner Display (124 K) PDF

Rules and Regulations

I. Definitions

  • Sponsoring Organization – Groups with nonprofit status and/or with activities reflecting general community interest (e.g., University, State Fair Park and other governmental entities).
  • Banner Coordinator – Chief administrative officer of the City responsible for the proper management of the banner system (City Engineer). (City Engineer will work with the Lincoln Electric System (LES) to review structural stability of streetlight poles.
  • Street Pole Banner – Banners which are mounted on city-owned streetlight poles which do not accommodate a traffic signal or electrical distribution.
  • Urban Design Committee – Committee established by the Mayor and City Council charged with advising the Mayor, City Council, Planning Commission, City boards and City departments in matters relating to urban design, visual relationships, architectural design and aesthetics.
  • Approved Installer – Installer who has been approved by the Banner Coordinator to hang banners on City right-of-way.

II. Banner Rules & Regulations

  1. ELIGIBILITY: Potential banner program participants should represent or promote local historical, ethnic, or cultural civic events or activities that the City believes are of particular interest or benefit to the City of Lincoln or an area thereof. Banners shall be used to celebrate the historical, ethnic, or cultural heritage of the City or a neighborhood district therein. Banners are not to be used for commercial advertising or to advertise or promote political candidates, parties, or issues as the City does not wish to create a forum for the expression of ideas or opinions and wishes to avoid the controversies or disruptions that they cause.
  2. BANNER INFORMATION CONTENT: All banner designs should be artistic in nature, graphically or symbolically representing the subject/purpose of the community event. Banners can include text for dates, activities, and/or the title of event.
  3. BANNER DESIGN: The graphic design of all banners shall be developed by each individual Sponsoring Organization under the banner program guidelines as set forth in this document.
  4. BANNER and BRACKET SPECIFICATIONS: Streetlight pole banners shall comply with the following specifications:
    • Banners shall be made of durable material. If fabric is used, it be made of marine grade fabrics, resistant to ultraviolet rays, mold and mildew. Each banner shall have reinforced hems and grommets. Banner fabricator shall determine if wind scallops are necessary. All banners shall be printed on both sides of the banner fabric.
    • Banner brackets shall be ‘Kalamazoo’ Banner flex Arrow, 32 inch-long fiberglass banner arms, with post hardware, or approved equal. (Antelope Valley hardware - paint to match LandscapeForms ‘Stormcloud’.)
    • Surface area of the banners shall be limited to 15 square feet per pole.
  5. BANNER PLACEMENT: Placement and retrieval of approved banners shall be coordinated through the Banner Coordinator and installed by an Approved Installer.
    • One banner per pole, unless approved by the Banner Coordinator.
    • Up to two American Flags per pole may be placed provided the Flags do not exceed 24 square feet per flag.
    • Mounting height: When projecting over the street the banner height above the street shall be 20' minimum; when projecting over the sidewalk, turf, or landscape beds, banner height above the ground shall be 10’ minimum.
    • Banners shall not be located within 50’ of a stop sign or traffic signal device.
    • The Sponsoring Organization shall be responsible for all costs associated with the installation, maintenance, and removal of banners. Where banner-mounting hardware does not exist, the Sponsoring Organization shall pay the costs of purchasing and installing the hardware, and such hardware shall become the property of the City.
    • The Approved Installer shall be required to furnish and maintain traffic control devices when lane closures along the roadway are required to place the banners. The work zone traffic control shall be in accordance with the requirements outlined in the current edition of the City of Lincoln Traffic Control Guidelines for Street Construction, Maintenance and Utility Operations.
    • Antelope Valley Roadways - Recommended banner locations for Antelope Valley Roadways can be found in Exhibit A PDF. Banner dimensions for Antelope Valley Roadways shall be 30" x 60". Banner dimensions for Bridges within Antelope Valley, are depicted in Exhibit B PDF.
  6. DURATION: Banners shall be installed for a minimum of one month and a maximum period of eight months. Neighborhood identity, Business District identity and University/College Identity banners shall be exempt from this requirement. Times may be modified by pre-approval of the Banner Coordinator.
  7. APPLICATION PROCESS: The Sponsoring Organization fills out the Banner Application PDF and presents it to the Banner Coordinator a minimum of 60 days prior to but not more than one year in advance of the dates being requested. Applications will be forwarded to the Urban Design Committee, which renders its advice to the Banner Coordinator. Permits are valid for the dates specified up to a maximum of one year.
    • Banner applicants will be approved on a “first come, first served” basis. Banner applications that are submitted for the same location in consecutive years will have first priority.
    • The Banner Coordinator reserves the right to let other organizations use the streetlight poles for an event; this organization will pay for removal and reinstallation of existing banners and installation and removal of the organization’s event banners. Organizations must coordinate for proper storage and handling of the banners.
  8. STORAGE / LIABILITY: All banners shall be the responsibility of the Sponsoring Organization. The City will not be responsible for storing banners.
    • Streetlight poles removed or replaced by LES that have banner hardware and/or banners attached will not be replaced by LES. It is the responsibility of the Sponsoring Organization to pick up banners and hardware from LES.
    • The Banner Coordinator has the authority to refuse the placement of streetlight banners that are in poor condition due to previous use. In addition, the Banner Coordinator has the authority to order the removal and replacement of banners or complete banner systems that have become frayed, ripped, or otherwise unsightly at the expense of the Sponsoring Organization.
    • Hardware shall be maintained by the Sponsoring Organization for the period of time that the Sponsoring Organization’s banners are displayed.
  9. APPLICATION FEE: Money in an amount sufficient to pay the cost of reviewing banner applications. The actual cost shall be calculated as follows: approved by the Mayor.

Download PDF – Rules and Regulations, Exhibits and Application Form (152 K) PDF