Fiber to the Home

Here’s what you need to know about the fiber optic cable and other broadband network enhancements being installed in Lincoln neighborhoods:

QWhat is happening in my yard?

Service providers are currently installing 100% fiber optic-based infrastructure throughout the City of Lincoln. Other providers are expanding and updating their broadband networks, also requiring similar installation work.

Projects typically include installation of conduit, fiber optic cable, pull boxes and pedestals in rights of way and utility easements. Easements are generally located at the rear of properties, and rights of way are located in front. Utility providers primarily use easements for placement of their facilities and will try to contact homeowners before performing service work. Utility companies (such as LES, Black Hills and Lincoln Water) help locate existing lines by temporarily marking areas of the property using flags and colored paint. How to identify utility easements on your property Information about underground utilities:

*Initial construction will be limited to the rights of way and utility easements. Providers will access other areas only if you register for service.


Easement is defined as a legal property interest “that allows a utility the right to use and access specific area of another’s property for laying gas, electric, water, and sewer lines.” A utility easement is generally a permanent restriction on the property so that it continues from one property owner to the next property owner. Utility easements are designed for all utility system owners to install service to every home.

Information on how to find property utility easement information

Right of way shall mean the surface of and space above and below any real property in the City in which the City has an interest as an owner or as a trustee for the public for purposes of public travel, as they now or hereafter xist, including, but not limited to, all public streets, highways, avenues, roads, alleys, easements, sidewalks, tunnels, viaducts, or bridges; provided, however, this shall not include other public property for which a separate authorization and agreement to utilize any part of same shall be required from the City.

Right of way information can be found at:

QWhy is this work being done?

The new network and network enhancements are being constructed to provide faster broadband speeds, including 1-gigabit service to every home and business in Lincoln.

QWhat can I expect during the fiber installation and network improvement process?

Installation will be either underground or aerial, usually following the same route as existing telephone or television cabling. Service providers will access front and back yards depending on where your neighborhood power and communications utilities are located. They will keep you informed and respond to questions while respecting your privacy and property.

When the fiber optic cable is brought into your home, technicians will try to use existing holes, including those made by other providers. Customers will be consulted beforehand if any drilling is required, to ensure approval of the location and necessary construction.

QWhat is the installation process?

  • 1 Flagged utilities

    Crews use locate flags and painted marks on easements and rights of way to avoid disruption of existing utility services.

  • 2

    Contractors will dig a series of holes to visibly locate existing lines. Several holes will then be located strategically throughout neighborhoods to place enclosures (called pull boxes) for housing fiber optic cables, followed by installation of two 1.25-inch conduits. Each pull box serves 2 to 12 households.

    As the crews complete their work in each area, they will gather locate flags and clean up excavated soil. Once the conduit and pull boxes are installed, a separate crew will install fiber optic cables and connect homes that have requested service.

  • 3 and 4

    Pull boxes will be placed on rights of way, and pedestal-style boxes may be used in utility easements. Grass seed will be planted within two weeks of the pull box placement.

QWhen will the work be finished?

Building a new fiber optic network to support over 200,000 residents and businesses in Lincoln is a complicated and time-intensive endeavor. Construction is in progress, and the current plan anticipates the entire City of Lincoln being fiber-ready by 2020.

Improvements to current broadband networks are a continuous process as all Lincoln providers seek to implement faster speeds and better service.

QWho do I contact for inspection questions?

For inspection questions, please contact the City of Lincoln Right of Way Inspection team at 402-441-7711, or by submitting a request at:​city/​ltu/​transportation/​row/​construction/

QWhere else can I find information?

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