Coping with Construction A Guide for Lincoln Businesses

As a business owner, you contribute to - and benefit from - Lincoln’s growing community. Responding to the demands of this growth, while also preserving the high quality of life Lincoln residents have come to expect, is a constant challenge for City government. To facilitate these demands, the City of Lincoln’s Transportation and Utilities Department has an ongoing mission to maintain, enhance, and expand the City’s infrastructure.

More often than not, it is the business community that first recognizes the need for infrastructure improvements and their long-term benefits. More than likely, though, this means the short-term inconvenience embodied by orange barrels will someday be at your doorstep.

Most projects have been planned and programmed for several years through the City’s various planning processes. These include the Comprehensive Plan, the Capital Improvement Program, the Long-Range Transportation Plan, and the Transportation Improvement Program. Each of these planning activities includes public participation processes in which you, as a business owner, are encouraged to take part.

When a project goes to construction, the City needs to balance an array of what can be conflicting interests: using taxpayer dollars wisely while accommodating the needs of businesses, motorists, and residents.

The City and those businesses affected by construction need to work together to minimize inconveniences to motorists and customers, which is why the Transportation and Utilities Department has produced this guide. We hope it will increase your understanding of how construction projects operate and help you cope with them.

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