Improving Our Streets

The City of Lincoln is investing in streets to ensure a better tomorrow. Upkeep and maintenance of street infrastructure has become an increasingly critical need in our great city. The same growth that boosts our local economy and provides opportunity for residents also puts a strain on existing infrastructure and the demand for expansion. Because of this, and a growing gap in funding, Lincoln citizens approved a quarter-cent sales tax aimed at improving our streets. The delivery of projects to fix our streets with this new revenue is a follow up to initiatives conducted by a Citizens’ Coalition and the commitment to implement recommendations.

Pavement Conditions

Eligible Treatment:
Repair /
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Honestly, Streets are for Everyone

Our vast network of streets allows all of us the mobility to work, school, and play. Driving commerce through delivery of goods and welcoming thousands of visitors to our capital city provides a tremendous opportunity for Lincoln. In addition, our neighborhood streets provide the links to our community, our family, and friends. This website will showcase the progress being made on the quarter-cent sales tax initiative, and the value of our streets – for all of us!