Transit Development Plan Study

As a division of the City of Lincoln, StarTran provides transit service to meet the transportation needs of thousands of residents traveling for employment, educational, shopping, medical and recreational purposes.

The project included a comprehensive evaluation of existing service, in terms of route design, service levels, ridership, and customer amenities. The study also evaluated population characteristics, travel patterns, and employment densities to identify areas and corridors with high transit demand. The study identified service gaps, transit needs, and opportunities for service improvements. We also gathered input from the community on how to improve transit in Lincoln.

About the StarTran Transit Development Plan

As Lincoln continues to grow and travel patterns change, demand for transit is evolving as well. To address these changes, this plan had several primary objectives:

  • Evaluate existing transit services and determine how effectively they are serving the travel needs of Lincoln residents.
  • Solicit input from customers and community stakeholders to determine how a transit system could better meet their needs.
  • Develop a plan for how transit can be implemented in Lincoln over the next five years.
  • Identify a financial and capital plan that will implement transit improvements and investments.
  • Attract new transit users.

The study also included other elements, such as:

  • An online community forum where participants can share their ideas and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Community meetings to obtain feedback on existing services and potential improvements.
  • Service alternatives designed to revamp the current transit system.
  • Financial, capital, and operating plans for the transit service alternatives.