Employee Bus Pass Program

It's So Easy!

You can offer StarTran bus passes as a fringe benefit for all of your employees.

It's easy and economical. Just offer your employees StarTran bus passes at the regular price or at a fringe benefit discount price. We will deliver the number of passes you need each month. There is no up-front cost to you and no hassle. We'll pick up your unsold passes plus the proceeds from passes sold.


Providing bus passes to your employees will address the problem of having to construct more parking facilities to accommodate growing numbers of employees.

Your employees will appreciate the opportunity to escape traffic and parking problems. And you will appreciate the promptness and dependability of StarTran bus service. Our buses run in all kinds of weather.

What's involved?

Simply this: We supply you with the quantity of passes you order each month; you sell them at a discount to your employees.

Does the employer receive a discount from StarTran?

Unfortunately, no. The StarTran 31-consecutive-day pass is priced as low ($17.00) as we can make it; we cannot cut the cost. Our research shows that users are already taking more trips and saving more money with this pass.

But if you see your way clear to subsidize all or part of your employees' bus pass costs, we will do all we can to help.

How will I begin selling bus passes?

One of the simplest and least costly methods for you and your employees is by direct payroll deduction. This saves your accounting department the problem of handling cash/checks and it's usually the easiest for your employees.

On the other hand, you may wish to handle the monthly sales on a cash basis if it will fit your company structure better.

How much will I subsidize?

The amount of the employer subsidy varies from company to company. However, the benefits to the employee are the same.

A company-subsidized StarTran bus pass will be seen by your employees as a valuable employment benefit, one that's used every working day. In many cases, your staff will consider it as the equivalent of a salary increase. If your business is located near a transit stop, you'll find the subsidized Passport an added inducement in recruitment of staff. You also can take pride in the fact that you are contributing to energy conservation, decreased traffic congestion and decreased air pollution.

We can't tell you what level of subsidy is right for your organization. Some firms subsidize one hundred percent of the pass. Even a five dollar reduction would have a significant impact on parking cost and employee recruitment.

How many of my employees will use the pass?

The best way to find out is do a survey(11 K) PDF. If you are located on or near the bus routes, many of your employees may already be transit riders. StarTran has developed a brief survey employers can use to determine employee interest in the program.

We will also be glad to set up an information booth to distribute transit materials and help your employees in finding the route and schedule information they need.

Routes and Schedules

How can I get started?

Appoint a transit coordinator to work with us. Together, we'll study the range of options under which your staff can get to work and home again.

Give the idea of a StarTran bus pass subsidy some serious consideration – it may result in considerable savings for you and your employees.

Bus pass Subsidy Benefits


  • Control employee parking cost
  • Stabilized parking facility requirements
  • Increase availability of visitor parking
  • Minimize employee parking needs
  • Reduce pressure on wages
  • Community leadership by helping to conserve energy, reduce air pollution and lessen traffic congestion.


  • Unlimited monthly travel
  • Reduce dependency on the automobile
  • Provide inexpensive alternative to the automobile
  • Convenient point of purchase
  • Increase real income
  • Encourage conservation

Contact Us

For more information about the Employee Bus Pass Program contact Connie Thoreson, Coordinator at 402-441-7185.