BUSLNK Frequently Asked Questions

What is BUSLNK?
BUSLNK is StarTran’s new real-time mobile app that allows you to plan routes, find the nearest stop, track buses and learn about delays or detours.
What does BUSLNK offer?
The BUSLNK app provides many features. Using BUSLNK you can:
  1. Track your bus on a map in real-time
  2. Locate your nearest bus stop
  3. Store your favorite stops and routes for future use
  4. Plan your trip by identifying the best route and schedule for your destination
  5. See alerts about detours, closed bus stops, holiday and inclement weather, as well as other important bus-related information
  6. View all fares and discounts
  7. Download Token Transit where you can purchase bus passes on your mobile device.
  8. Submit comments or suggestions to StarTran management.
How do I get the app?
Just go to the iOS or Google Play app store, search for BUSLNK, and download the app.
Is it available for both iOS and Android?
Yes, this app is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.
What if I have a suggestion for a change to the app?
You can send suggestions to StarTran management for consideration through the BUSLNK app. From the home screen, press the "Info" button, then select "Feedback" in the top-right corner. You can also email StarTranInfo@lincoln.ne.gov or call 402-476-1234.
What if I see errors in the app?
Please report errors for StarTran management to investigate right away by calling 402-476-1234. You can also report problems through the BUSLNK app; just press the "Info" button on the home screen, then select "Feedback" in the top-right corner.
When routes or times change, how quickly will BUSLNK be updated?
When new routes or times go into effect, the app will reflect these changes immediately on the implementation date.
How do I see when my bus stop or route is affected by bad weather or detours?
Select "Alerts" on the BUSLNK home screen and the alerts will be listed. Alerts are also available on the screen that shows estimated arrival times.