BNSF Cornhusker Highway Quiet Zone Project

The North Lincoln Quiet Zone was established on September 18, 2009. It includes the BNSF track crossings at N 70th Street, N 44th Street, Adams Street, and N 33rd Street. All of the crossings except for the Adams Street crossing have had medians installed to keep drivers from going around the gate arms when they are down. At Adams Street, wayside horns were installed. Wayside horns are a replacement for the train horn, which sound directly along the roadway that crosses the tracks. They provide a much smaller area of noise than the regular train horn.

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Public Meetings / Open Houses

12/21/06 - Railroad Quiet Zone Study Open House
Meeting Notice
Open House Handout (331 K) PDF
2/20/07 - RTSD Special Public Meeting
Meeting Notice
7/12/07 - Railroad Quiet Zone Study Open House
Meeting Notice

4/9/07 - City Council Public Hearing

On April 9, 2007 the City Council adopted Resolution A-84324, approving an Agreement between the City and the Lincoln-Lancaster County Railroad Transportation Safety District for funding of railroad crossing improvements to establish a Quiet Zone for BNSF track crossings at N 70th Street, N 44th Street, Adams Street, and N 33rd Street.