Lincoln South Quiet Zone

Lincoln South Crossing

  • “D” Street west of 3rd Street
  • South Street west of Park Blvd.
  • Park Blvd south of South Street
  • Pioneers Blvd. west of 8th Street
  • Old Cheney Blvd west of Hunts Drive
  • S 14th Street south of Yankee Hill Road

Medians were installed at all locations, and Yankee Hill Road was widened to improve the approach distance from the intersection of 14th and Yankee Hill to the railroad crossing.

“D” Street construction was done by the South Salt Creek Quiet Zone Project, but the crossing was included in the Lincoln South Quiet Zone at the request of BNSF.

The quiet zone from “D” Street south to Yankee Hill took effect on October 22, 2011. The quiet zone was extended south to Saltillo in 2012.

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Lincoln South Quiet Zone 5-Year Affirmation - October 2016 (8.13 M) PDF