Hickman Quiet Zone

The Hickman Quiet Zone was established on November 24, 2015. The safety measures installed and in place are discussed for each crossing with active controls below:

2nd Street crossing

The improvements installed at this crossing include 4-quadrant gates with vehicle detection inside gate arms and other associated BNSF equipment upgrades.

Private crossing

Reconstruction of the existing approaches was undertaken at this private crossing to provide flatter approach grades within 30 feet of the nearest track. This increases sight distance, and improves a driver’s ability to stop prior to entering the crossing and get started again in adverse weather. The signing at the crossing was also upgraded.

Hickman Road crossing

Raised median islands 100 feet in length with 8-inch high curbs have been installed and the speed limit reduced to 35 MPH in advance of the crossing. The Hickman Road crossing was upgraded to constant warning time circuitry (CWT) and the crossing gate arms were relocated by BNSF to provide 27.5 feet from the centerline of Hickman Road. This provides clearance for the larger agricultural vehicles that travel on this road. South 54th Street has also been relocated further east from the tracks by Lancaster County.

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