There is no question that the RTSD has resulted in a positive impact on the City of Lincoln and Lancaster county's safety record. The number of train-car/pedestrian collisions resulting in fatalities from 1982-1995 was decreased by nearly 90% compared to the 1952-1967 statistics. From 2002-2009, that reduction was maintained. The table below illustrates the dramatic reduction in losses since the City of Lincoln and Lancaster County implemented an RTSD.

Lancaster County Railroad Locations
Time Period Fatality Collisions Injury Collisions Property Damage Collisions

*Lincoln Journal Star - January 10, 1968 **Nebraska Department of Roads Standard Summary of Nebraska Motor Vehicle Traffic Accidents ***Federal Railroad Administration Safety Data

1952-1967 (16 years)* 5557 115
1982-1997 (16 years)** 6 21 32
2002-2009 (8 years)*** 3 13 12

Twelve grade separations have been constructed, including four pedestrian. Four grade separations have been rebuilt. Five to ten miles of new railroad track have been constructed. More than 150 at-grade crossings have been improved and 127 have been closed have been closed (approximately half were due to abandonment and the other half due to consolidation/grade separations). In the county, approximately 40 crossings have been abandoned.