2019 Stormwater Improvements Bond

Reducing Flood Risk in Lincoln

Stormwater Improvements Bond
Election Date: May 7, 2019
Bond Issue: $9.9 million
Estimated Cost to Property Owners: $6 annually (average $183,000 home)

Stormwater projects reduce stormwater runoff and flooding during major rainfall, minimize flooding impacts from major stream channels, prevent or repair degraded stream channels, and improve water quality.

Since 1983, stormwater improvement projects have saved Lincoln residents more than $1.2 million annually by removing more than 380 acres of property from floodplains and reduction in flood insurance premiums.

2019 Stormwater Bond Projects Address Needs Across the City

Projects Cost
Deadmans Run Flood Reduction - N
Shrink 100-year floodplain
$6.6 Million
Forest Lake Blvd - SE
Reduce area and street flooding, stabilize drainage way
$0.7 Million
Tierra Tributary Stream Stability - SW Beal Slough/Gapp Stream Stability - SE Seacrest Park - E Olympic Heights Park – NW Little Salt Creek Grading - N
Stabilize channel; regrade for better drainage; and prevent property damage
$0.8 Million
Street drainage projects
Add/repair storm sewers
$0.8 Million
Urban drainage projects
Enhance stormwater runoff systems
$0.4 Million
Drainage master plan
$0.4 Million
Bond issuance fees
$0.2 Million
TOTAL $9.9 Million


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Deadmans Run: Reducing Flood Risk In North Lincoln

The Deadmans Run Flood Risk Reduction Project is the signature project to be funded by the 2019 Stormwater Improvements Bond. The project shrinks the 100-year floodplain by 250 acres and removes approximately 480 structures, mostly homes and businesses, from the floodplain. The full $24 million project leverages $10 million in federal funding, and includes about $14 million shared evenly by Lower Platte South Natural Resources District and the City of Lincoln.

Improvements include:

Widening 1.4 miles of the main channel from Cornhusker Highway upstream to N. 48th Street;

Constructing a drainage system to convey stormwater under two railroad bridges west of N. 33rd Street;

Relocating the State Fair Park access road;

Replacing bridges over Deadmans Run at N. 33rd, 38th and 48th streets;

Constructing a stormwater detention basin near Fleming Fields; and

Planting trees and native grasses to ensure no negative environmental impacts.

Goal: Shrink 100-year floodplain Area Benefited: 250 acres, including 480 homes and businesses Projected Flood Insurance Savings: $450 - $2,400 per property owner Total Cost: $24 Million (City portion approximately $6.6 Million)

Public input was gathered in 2017 and 2018. The design is being finalized in 2019. Construction is slated for 2021 and 2022.

History of Stormwater Improvement Bonds

For more than 40 years, stormwater bonds have financed projects that:

  • Improve the City's stormwater and drainage systems;
  • Protect personal health and property;
  • Remove residential and commercial properties from floodplains;
  • Open new land for development;
  • Stabilize banks of streams and creeks; and
  • Attract federal, state and regional funding partners.

Twelve bonds have been passed by voters since 1983.

  • Seven of these have been retired.
  • Four have been refinanced at lower interest rates to save property owners money.
Year Bond
1983 $2.55 Million
1986 $6.8 Million
1991 $5.6 Million
1995 $4.0 Million
1997 $8.3 Million
2001 $7.5 Million
2003 $10.0 Million
2005 $9.95 Million
2007 $8.3 Million
2010 $8.2 Million
2012 $7.9 Million
2016 $6.3 Million

Projects funded by stormwater bond revenue have significantly reduced flood risks in Lincoln. Lincoln’s flood insurance rates are 25 percent less than the national average, due to exceptional floodplain management and reduction efforts.


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