Community Health Assessment (MAPP) Information

As one of our public health functions the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department routinely assesses the health status in the community. We do so to analyze trends, inform and educate ourselves and our partners, target services and evaluate the progress of our many programs.

In addition to this ongoing, routine assessment, every three to five-years we engage in a much broader community health assessment. The last time we conducted a comprehensive community health assessment utilizing the MAPP (Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships) model from the National Association of City and County Health Organizations (NACCHO) was in 2010-2011. Currently, the Health Department is once again engaging our partners and the community in a macro look at health status and related issues in Lincoln and Lancaster County. We have started the process by convening a committee composed of members who are representative of the community to help us assess the current health of the community, strategize and set priorities for improving outcomes over the next three to five years. The diagram shown below is a schematic representation of the steps involved.


The MAPP model or approach is available here.

While the LLCHD is conducting the community health assessment we are utilizing this portal to share information with the committees and anyone else who is interested in the material and progress made in the assessment. The information on this page will include meeting materials, links to data sources, survey information as well as links to related documents.