Healthy Families America Home Visitation Services

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Office Hours
By appointment only
Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Home visitation services are provided in your home or at another location in the community.
402-441-8065 or 402-441-4103 (please leave message)
There is no charge for this service.

Please call for more information or to make an appointment.

Local Child Abuse Prevention Efforts

Healthy Families America

Since 2008, the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department and CEDARS Youth Services have partnered together to offer a nationally recognized, evidence-based model of home visitation to families living in Lancaster County. The program is accredited by Healthy Families America.

Home visiting has been shown to be effective in helping families:

  • improve health status
  • learn about pregnancy, infant care, and postpartum care
  • achieve economic self-sufficiency
  • learn the benefits of breastfeeding
  • improve positive parenting
  • understand developmental stages of children
  • reduce child maltreatment
  • achieve goals such as child spacing, education and employment
  • establish links to community resources
What is Healthy Families America? Healthy Families America brochure

Healthy Families America (HFA) is an evidence-based, nationally recognized home visiting program model designed to work with overburdened families who are at-risk for child abuse and neglect and other adverse childhood experiences. It is the primary home visiting model designed to work with families who may have histories of trauma, intimate partner violence, mental health and/or substance abuse issues. HFA services are offered voluntarily, intensively and until the child is 3 years of age.

What is home visiting?

Home visiting is a service provided within the home by highly trained and qualified professionals, including public health nurses and outreach workers. Home visiting programs provide parents with support to enhance the child-parent relationship. With these enhanced skills, parents can create environments that positively impact their child's social and emotional development.

What kind of family does Healthy Families America serve? Am I eligible?

We offer voluntary home visiting services to Lincoln and Lancaster County parents facing multiple challenges (e.g., elements that would add stressors to any home: single parent status, low income, substance abuse problems, victim of abuse or domestic violence, etc.) so that they have the support they need.

Referrals are taken prenatally or until the child is 3 months old.

How do families enroll in Healthy Families America?

An assessment process starts once a referral is received. A Family Assessment Worker will contact you to schedule an interview to identify family strengths and needs. This interview will help determine if you are eligible for on-going home visitation services or offer referrals to other supportive services.

Who provides program services to families?

Staffing is a critical component of the Healthy Families America program. We place a high priority on recruiting highly qualified staff, including public health nurses and outreach workers, who not only have direct service experience, but who have strong interpersonal and communication skills and experience working with culturally diverse families in our community.

What happens after I fill out a referral form?

Home visitation services are offered to expectant families and new parents, beginning prenatally or shortly after the birth of the child. Services are offered voluntarily, intensively and over the long-term (until the child is at least 3 years old). Home visits decrease in frequency over time.

Where can I get more information?

Call 402-441-8065 for additional information or call 402-441-4103 to leave your contact information and staff will return your call.

How much does it cost?

Services are provided at no charge.