Managing a Food Establishment

Managers will also benefit from the information in the Food Operators Information and the Health, Safety & Hygiene pages. The topics on these pages provide additional insights and guidance that managers need to know.

  • Consumer Advisory Placard If raw or partially cooked foods of animal origins are served in your establishment, you must inform customers that the food is not cooked sufficiently to ensure its safety. Protect your establishment by posting or publishing this advisory on your menus or other prominent places.
  • Consumer Advisory - Spanish
  • You can reduce costs and the negative environmental impact of your business. Partners in Pollution Prevention (P3) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln can show you how to reduce waste and costs.
  • Employee Illness and Medical Conditions
    This is a table of illnesses or symptoms that will help a manager determine when employees should be restricted or excluded from work and when they can return to work.
  • Food Handler Permit Information
    Properly trained staff reduces the risk of foodborne illness outbreaks in food establishments. The food handler permit is proof that employees have the proper training.
  • Food Handler and Food Manager Permits
    Since 2009, the LLCHD has issued Food Protection Manager, Restricted/Shift (RS), Prep/Cook (PC), and Serve/Clean (SC) permits. This chart shows how these permits differ to the old permits and what the job responsibilities for each permit are.
  • 100 Percent Food Handler Compliance Required
    All employees of all Lincoln food establishments must have the current appropriate permit. Find out about this requirement in this link.
  • Food Handler Employee List
    The food code requires managers to keep records of employee food handler permits. Using this form ensures you have the correct records when your establishment is inspected.

Food Establishment Plumbing requirements

  • Maintain plumbing in good repair.
  • Plumbing work should be completed by a licensed plumber.
  • For backflow prevention questions, contact LLCHD.

Food employees' health and personal hygiene are critical to operating a safe food establishment.

ADA Rules on Service Animals and Service Animals in Businesses. This act was modified effective March 15, 2011, to redefine service animals. Be sure that your establishment is in compliance with all applicable laws.

Additional Management Information