Child Care Health & Safety Training

Before a certificate of compliance shall be issued or renewed by the Health Director, the operator shall submit verification for the operator and all staff of completion of training approved by the Health Director. Such training shall be completed before a certificate of compliance is issued and shall be completed every two years thereafter before a renewal certificate of compliance is issued. At a minimum, such training shall include a total of two hours in the following subjects: illness prevention and exclusion, injury prevention and safe environments, safe food handling, cleaning, sanitization, disinfection, and the requirements of this chapter. Newly hired staff shall receive training within thirty days of employment.

Health & Safety Training Schedule

LLCHD offers health and safety training every month, typically on the first Wednesday at 1:00 PM and third Tuesday at 6:30 PM. Confirm dates and times on the training schedule.

Staff Training Log

Each child care program is responsible for tracking and documenting staff training requirements. A copy of the LLCHD Child Care Health and Safety training certificate and the Prep/Cook Food Handler Permit should be on file. A staff training log should also be maintained and available for the LLCHD Environmental Health Specialist to review during inspections.

Alternative Training Form

Alternative training is an option to fulfill the health and safety training requirements. It can be completed through books, videos, on-line training courses and by attending other training. Persons utilizing the alternative training option must complete an LLCHD Alternative Training Form.

The alternative training materials must include all of the following health and safety practices for approval:

  • Food Safety: Safe Food Handling, No Bare Hand Contact
  • Illness Prevention/Exclusion: Hand Washing, Health Check, Illness Symptom Recognition
  • Safe Environments: Injury Prevention, Supervision, Toy Safety, Choking Hazards, Room Arrangement, Attendance Documentation, Infant Safe Sleep, Outdoor Environment/Playground Safety
  • Sanitation: Cleaning, Sanitizing & Disinfecting, Diapering

Food Handler Training

Any person responsible for receiving or holding Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food, or any person preparing food shall hold a Prep/Cook, Restricted/Shift Manager Food Handler, or Food protection Manager Permit issued per Lincoln Municipal Code Chapter 8.20, the Lincoln Food Code. Any person only serving foods shall practice no bare hand contact in accordance with Lincoln Municipal Code Section 8.20.070 Preventing Contamination from hands.

Child Care Transportation Training

Nebraska Child Care Center Regulation 3-006.10C requires child care staff who transport children attend the three-hour Child Care Transportation Training. This Nebraska Child Care Center requirement was implemented May 20, 2013. The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that child care staff is able to properly install and use child passenger safety seats in the child care center’s vehicle. To register, download this Registration Form.