Welcome to the Child Care Health Section

We work to support local child care settings in achieving healthy and safe practices. We believe in not only preventing injuries and the spread of infectious diseases, but in creating the best possible environments in which children can grow.

The materials on the website are designed to be distributed and used in a variety of settings by both child care professionals and families.

The Lincoln Municipal Code 8.14 affecting child care centers was revised in December 2016. New requirements for child care centers were added. Companion documents have been developed to assist early childhood professionals meet the code requirements.

About Us

The Child Care Health Program is part of the Environmental Public Health Division of the Lancaster County Health Department (LLCHD). Our Program permits and annually inspects Child Care Centers (providing care for 13 or more children). LLCHD does not regulate Nebraska State licensed Child Care Homes up to 12 children.

Our Child Care Health Consultant works with child care centers within Lincoln and Lancaster County to review, develop and implement health and safety policies and procedures through:

  • Educational Resources
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Posters
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