Besides Lincoln Body Art Establishment and Lincoln Body Art Practitioner permits, other regulations are enforced:

  1. Body Art Establishments shall meet minimum sanitation requirements to stay open. There must be a minimum of 45 sq. ft. per station.
  2. Establishment work station and equipment must be smooth, washable, and in good repair. At least 1 handwash sink per 3 work stations, equipment sink, and a mopsink are required as well as a restroom with handwash sink.
  3. Autoclaves must have operation manuals, be kept clean, have a current use log, be tested every 30 days or less with a biological indicator and lab verification.
  4. Instruments must be sterilized and stored in seal packs that are not torn and are sealed tightly. Expiration dates shall be applied to sterilized instruments and not exceed 90 days.
  5. Customer records shall be complete and kept on site for the current permit year June to June. Records of 2-5 years prior shall be retained but may be stored off site if space is limited.
  6. Consent Forms, Risk statements, Description of procedure, and Aftercare shall be approved before opening inspection.
  7. Proper glove use is strictly enforced as well as proper sharps disposal.
  8. A Body Art Establishment may not have a direct opening to a living quarters, food, liquor, or tobacco establishments.

This is a broad overview; you are responsible for the details in LMC 8.08.