The Accounting Division provides support to agencies regarding financial obligations as directed by government regulations, and by the direction of the Mayor. As a central repository for accounting and fiscal reporting, the Controller's Office sets accounting policies and monitors for compliance to ensure the safety of City resources. Records of the City will be maintained for the highest level of accuracy.


Giving regulatory requirements the highest consideration, the City Accounting Office will be the provider of financial information and services to our customers in an increasingly efficient and accessible manner, utilizing the latest technology and most effective business practices.

Strategic Goals

  • Maintain the credibility of financial information provided.
  • Improve the timeliness of financial reporting.
  • Increase the efficiency of services provided to our customers.
  • Improve accessibility to information by our customers.
  • Facilitate communications between Accounting and our customers.
  • Analyze new technology for opportunities to improve processes.
  • Evaluate business practices on an on-going basis.