If you are enrolled in automatic bank payment and would like a $2 donation added to each bill, please complete the enrollment form or call the Water Billing Office at 402-441-7551.

Lincoln Parks and Recreation


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2 for Trees is a new community donation program which allows customers of the Lincoln Water System to voluntarily add $2 to their water bill to plant and care for city trees along city streets, trails, golf courses and in parks, hence the name Two for Trees!


One of the hallmarks of Lincoln's quality of life is our beautiful community forest. A canopy of more than 125,000 public trees covers the Capital City, of which 87,000 line 1,217 miles of streets. It's no wonder that Lincoln has been nationally recognized as a Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation every year since 1976!

Trees provide social, economic, health, environmental and community benefits—ranging from improving the value and beauty of your neighborhood, absorbing carbon dioxide, saving energy costs, attracting new business and tourism, and providing food for wildlife.

Regular, ongoing funding is needed to maintain a multi-generational urban forest in our community. Currently only one of five street trees lost due to damage, decline or disease is replaced. The Two for Trees program is an easy and affordable way for all citizens to "take the extra step" to maintain our beautiful urban forest.

An Excellent Public-Private Partnership

Donations made by customers of the Lincoln Water System are supplemented with in-kind donations from private nurseries in our community. This extraordinary example of a public-private partnership is greatly enhancing our community forest in Lincoln. The Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department will manage and direct the additional funds to care and maintain trees along streets and in parks.