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City Council Heading City Letter Head
                         MONDAY, MAY 7, 2001 AT 1:30 P.M.
The City Council Meeting of May, 21st will be held at 5:30 p.m.
NO City Council Meeting for the week of May 28th, due to the holiday.


 1)   Exhibit  Application of Twisted Steele, Inc. dba "The Bar" to
        122K   expand their presently licensed premises for an
               outdoor area approximately 45' by 34' to the south
               at 1644 P Street. (ADOPTED FOR APPROVAL, 7-0; A-80809)

 2)   Exhibit  Application of BDLS, Inc. dba "J. Finnegan's" for a
        580K   Class "C" liquor license at 201 N. 8th Street.
               (ADOPTED FOR APPROVAL, 7-0; A-80810)

 3)   Exhibit  Manager application of Troy J. Falk for BDLS, Inc.
        580K   dba "J. Finnegan's" at 201 N. 8th Street.
               (ADOPTED FOR APPROVAL, 7-0; A-80811)

 4)   Exhibit  Manager application of Ryan G Birkett for La Societe
        171K   Des 40 Hommes dba "American Legion 3 Club" at 5630 P
               Street. (ADOPTED FOR APPROVAL, 6-1; FORTENBERRY
               DISSENTING; A-80812)

 5)    no      Application of HRC, Inc. dba "Cheerleaders" for a
     report    special designated liquor license for an area
   available   measuring approximately 60' by 75' in the south
               parking lot at 5560 S. 48th Street, #4 on May 20,
               2001 from 12:00 noon to 10:00 p.m.  (ADOPTED FOR
               APPROVAL, 7-0; A-80813)


 6)  01-76     Change of Zone 3318 - Application of John and Patsy Pittman
               for a change of zone from H-3 Highway Commercial to I-1 
               Industrial on property generally located at 3035 N. 35th
               Street. Fact Sheet (1.5M)

 7)  01-78     Amending Ordinance 17704 relating to the pay schedules of 
               employees whose classifications are assigned to the pay
               range which is prefixed by the letter "M" by changing the
               pay range of the job classification of "Traffic Engineer."
	       Fact Sheet (55K)


 8)  01R-102   Appointing Cara Potter to the Taxicab Review Board for a
               three-year term expiring February 24, 2004.
               Appointment Application (78K)
               (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80814)

 9)  01R-103   Reappointing Karen Hand and Mike Seacrest to the Parks and
               Recreation Advisory Board for three-year terms expiring
               April 27, 2004. (ADOPTED,   7-0; A-80815)

10)  01R-104   Appointing Robert Ripley and Tami Robinson to the Parks and
               Recreation Advisory Board for three-year terms expiring
               April 27, 2004.  Appointment Application (165K)
	       (ADOPTED,  7-0; A-80816)

11)  01R-105   Appointing Kate Kulesher, Dr. Donna Howe, and Dr. Lisa 
               Peterson to the Lincoln-Lancaster County Board of Health
               for three-year terms expiring April 15, 2004.
               Appointment Application (165K)
               (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80817)

12)  01R-106   Approving the reassignment of the position of Internet 
               Support Specialist from Information Services/Finance Dept.
               to C.I.C./Mayor's Office effective June 7, 2001 and
               transferring the associated budget amount of $6,096.15 for
               the funding of said position. Factsheet (52K)
	       (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80818)

13)  01R-107   Special Permit 1165B - Application of Ray Lineweber to
               preserve the landmark Noble-Dawes House (d/b/a Billy's
               Restaurant) to increase the property covered to include
               all of Lots 5 and 6, Block 150, on property generally
               located at 1301 H Street.
	       Factsheet (1.5M), Factsheet pt2 (1.3M)
               (ADOPTED, 5-2; FORTENBERRY & JOHNSON DISSENTING; A-80819)

14)  01R-108   Approving the execution and delivery by the City of
      not      an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement by and between
    available  the City on behalf of Lincoln Electric System, and
     on-line   the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska
               establishing the Nebraska Utility Corporation, for
               the purposes of purchasing, leasing, constructing,
               and financing facilities and acquiring services in
               order to furnish energy require-ments, utility and
               infrastructure facilities and related energy,
               utility and infra-structure services to the City and
               the Regents; and approving the related Articles of
               Incorporation and Bylaws of the Corporation.
               (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80820)

15)  01R-109   Adopting a sewer connection fee for the South Salt Creek
               trunk sewer as required by the Conditional Annexation and
               Zoning Agreement for Yankee Hill Road Vicinity.
	       Factsheet (79K)
               (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80821)

16)  01R-110   Approving an Agreement between Big Red Keno and Corporate
               golf Marketing Inc. dba "Bunkers" for the operation of a
               Keno satellite site at 8901 Augusta Drive.
               (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80822)


17)            Setting hearing date of 5/21/01, 5:30 p.m. on the
               Manager Application of Matthew C. Kimmerling for LPG
               Corp. dba Buster's Barbecue & Brew, at 2435 South
               48th Street.  (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80823)

18)            Setting hearing date of 6/4/01, 1:30 p.m. on the
               Application of B & R Stores, Inc. dba "Russ's Market
               #21" for a Class D & K Catering license at 1550
               South Coddington. (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80824)


               Report of City Treasurer of Telecomm. Occ. Tax
               for the month of Mar. 2001: Global Crossing,
               Verizon Select, IBM Global, GE Capital Comm.,
               American Farm Bureau, The Furst Group,
               Intellicall Operator, Broadwing (PLACED ON FILE)

               Setting hearing date of May 14, 2001 at 1:30 for
               App. of Lincoln Sports Commission to conduct a
               raffle from May 15, 2001 to June 17, 2001. 
               (APPROVED, 7-0)

               Setting Hearing date of May 21, 2001 at 5:30 p.m.
               for a Special Designated License for Shilar Inc. dba
               "Speakeasy" at 3233 ½ S. 13th St. on
               Friday, May 25, 2001 from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m.
               (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80825)

               Setting Hearing date of June 4, 2001 at 1:30 p.m.
               for a Special Designated License for  John Craw,
               Holmes Park Golf Course at 3701 S. 70th St.
               on June 9, 2001 from 8:00 a.m. to 3 p.m.
               (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80826)

               Setting Hearing date of June 4, 2001 at 1:30 p.m.
               for a Special Designated License for  Havelock
               Business Assn. at Havelock Ave. approximately 10'
               west of 62nd St. to approximately 15' west
               of the intersection of 63rd St. & ½
               block north & south on 62nd St. on Sat.,
               June 9, 2001 from 4:00 p.m to 1:00 a.m. (ADOPTED,
               7-0; A-80827)


20)            Clerk's Letter & Mayor's Approval of Ordinances &
               Resolutions passed on April 23, 2001 (PLACED ON FILE)

21)            Investment of Funds.(ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80828)

22)            Approving Distribution of Funds representing
               interest earnings on short-term investments of IDLES
               FUNDS for the month ended March 31, 2001. 
               (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80829)

23)            Report of City Treasurer of Telecomm. Occ. Tax for
               the month of March 2001: Excel Telecommunications,
               Inc.; Telco Development Group De Inc.; Coast
               International Inc.;  Nebraska Technology &
               Telecommunications, Inc.; USA Paging LLC dba Long
               Distance USA; McLeod USA Telecommuni-cations
               Services, Inc.; Lincoln CelTelCo c/o Western
               Wireless Corporation; reporting for the quarter
               ended March, 2001: OneStar Long Distance, Inc.; PNG
               Telecommunications, Inc. (PLACED ON FILE)

24)            Setting hearing of Monday, May 21, 2001, 5:30 p.m.
               to assess the cost incurred by the City for snow
               removal for the 2000-20001 winter season against the
               benefited properties. (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80830)


25)  01-81     Approving the street name for the street extending south 
               from Fletcher Avenue to the Union Pacific Railroad (west of 
	       Highlands Golf Course) as N.W. 20th Street.

26)  01-82     Amending Section 1.08.010 of the Lincoln Municipal Code 
      not      to delete the words "profile bust" when referring to the
    available  representation of Abraham Lincoln on the City Seal and to 
               include the word "Incorporated April 7, 1869" in a
               half-circle around the bottom of the figure.
               (WITHDRAWN, 7-0; #38-4359)

27)  01-83     Amending Title 4 of the Lincoln Municipal Code relating to
               Boards and Commissions by repealing Chapter 4.12, Economic 
               Development Commission, Chapter 4.32, Sports Industry 
               Commission, and Chapter 4.44, Civil Defense Program, which
               commissions and programs are obsolete.


28)   01R-76   Approving a waiver of design standards for construction of
               two driveways along frontage of commercial business located
               at 2001 South 1stStreet. (4/16/01 - Delayed action one week)
	       (4/30/01 - Substitute resolution proposed; action delayed
               one week to 5/7/01) Fact Sheet (27K)
 	       (SUB. RESO. #2 ACCEPTED & ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80831)

Agenda Continued

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