The Building and Safety public counter is open for appointments only. Please call 402-441-7882 to request an appointment regarding Residential or Commercial Building permits.

Miscellanous Permits

House Moving Permit

Housemoving is defined to mean and include the moving of any house, building, or structure. It is unlawful for any person to carry on or to engage in the occupation of housemoving in the city without first being registered with the Building and Safety Department, to ensure that the applicant has complied with all of the provisions of the ordinance.

If you have questions regarding House Moving Permits, please contact Building and Safety at 402-441-7882

Meter Hood Permit

Meter Hoods are used to secure on-street parking to accommodate construction on property adjacent to a street. Contractors seeking parking may find contractor hang tags (meter tags) to be a viable option. Depending on the type of construction, a Street Use Permit may also be required.

  • Meter Hoods are issued for a full day, 8 AM to 6 PM.
  • No fee is charged for Sundays.
  • Hoods are placed on meters by the purchaser. The Meter Hoods are removed immediately after use by Building and Safety.

For more information, or to request Meter Hoods call Building and Safety at 402-441-7882.

Mobile Home Placement and Hook-Up Permit

A permit for the placement of a mobile home or manufactured home with utilities connections is required. A permit is required so that the City can inspect the location and utility connections to ensure that the installation complies with all codes.

Street Use Permit

A Street Use permit is required for the use of public space for construction purposes; storage and parking in the public right of way (streets, sidewalks and alleys) during construction; and storage and protection of said material in the public right of way. NOTE: This is for construction purposes only. All other closure applications would be initiated through the City Clerk's Office.