The Building and Safety public counter is open for appointments only. Please call 402-441-7882 to request an appointment regarding Residential or Commercial Building permits.

Commercial Permits

Documents Required To Obtain a Building Permit

When applying for a permit, you must submit the following documents:

Building Permit

You must obtain a permit for the erecting, constructing, enlarging, altering, repairing, improving, removing, converting, moving, or demolishing of any residential structure or a portion within the structure.

Curb Cut Permit

A curb cut is a break in a curb allowing access from the roadway and across the sidewalk to a legal parking space within the property line.

Demolition Permit

You must obtain permits for the demolition of an existing structure. A qualified demolition contractor must file a Demolition Permit Application at Building and Safety for the demolition of all or part of an existing structure. Commercial demolition requires a licensed contractor.

Electrical Permit - Contractor

This permit must be acquired by licensed contractors.

Flood Plain Development Permit

A floodplain development permit is required for all lands in floodplain or floodprone areas as described in Chapter 27 of the Lincoln Municipal Code. Maps of these areas can be found in the City's Geographical Information System maps at (keyword: GIS).

Height Permit

No building shall be erected, altered, or raised in the City of Lincoln in any manner so as to exceed height and lot limitations.

Each application shall comply with the requirements set forth in LMC §27.59.060

Impact Fees

Impact fees are charges levied against new construction, changes in land use, or an increase in water meter size in order to generate revenue to build needed infrastructure due to development. The fees are paid at the time of the building permit.

For more information about Impact Fees and incentives, please visit the City of Lincoln's Impact Fees website.

INOI / Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan for Individual Lots

Authorization through an INOI permit is required prior to beginning construction activity for erosion and sediment control of individual lots (mostly residential) that are part of a larger common plan of development (subdivision).

For more information visit the City of Lincoln's Watershed Management website.

Mechanical/Gas Piping Permit

This permit must be acquired by licensed contractors.

Nebraska Energy Code Certification

Energy codes and standards set minimum requirements for energy-efficient design and construction for new and renovated buildings that impact energy use and emissions for the life of the building. They are part of the overall building codes, which govern the design and construction of buildings.

Outdoor Lighting Standards Review

Outdoor Lighting Standards manage exterior lighting, preserve the night, and promote energy efficiency, in order to provide for the appropriate use of lighting for safety and commerce which further enhances environmental efforts and the community quality of life. The Outdoor Lighting Design Standards are reviewed by the Plan Review section. For more information you may contact the Zoning Coordinator at 402-441-6447.

Photovoltaic System Checklist

Plumbing/Gas Piping/Excavation Permit

The submission of all commercial plumbing documents should include a review of the plumbing section. Any portion of the plumbing section that is applicable to your project should be checked, completed, and thorough information for that item shall be supplied.

This permit must be acquired by licensed contractors.

Review Request Form

This form must be completed and submitted with all plans for review.

Sidewalk Permit

All new sidewalks in the public right-of-way require a Sidewalk Permit. If you already have a Curb Cut Permit approved, your sidewalk is included with that permit. Sidewalk Permits can be obtained from the Development Services Center on the 2nd floor of the City/County Building at 555 South 10th Street. Sidewalks are required on all private streets unless waived by the subdivision agreement. Contact your subdivision developer for more information.

Inspections: Inspectors must examine forms before concrete is poured. A follow-up inspection is required after concrete is poured, and the forms are removed to ensure against erosion. Please schedule inspection one day in advance by contacting Building and Safety at 402-441-8213 or use the City's Citizen Access site.

Sign Permit

A permit is required for most permanent, temporary, and promotional signs in the City of Lincoln to ensure that the size, color, and location of the sign complies with the City's Zoning Ordinance.

Sign contractors must also fill out a Sign Contractor Registration form.

Wastewater / Sewer

Inside City Limits: Sanitary Sewer Tap Application is for permitting the opening into the sanitary sewer main to make the connection between the sanitary sewer from the end of the sanitary drain to its point of connection to the public sanitary sewer.

Contact the City's Transportation and Utilities Department to determine availability of sanitary sewer service to the property:

402-441-7534 - New Service Permit Technician


Inside City Limits: Water Tap Application is for making the opening into the main for the purpose of installing the supply connection.

Contact the City's Transportation and Utilities Department to determine availability of water service to the property:

402-441-7534 - New Service Permit Technician

Safety first

For your safety, your family's safety, and the safety of future occupants - and to avoid expensive mistakes - do not perform any work that is beyond your skill level.