Occupation Taxes

Any company may use this online payment system to pay any of the following Occupation Taxes:

  • Car Rental
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant/Bar
  • Telecommunication
  • SouthPointe EEA

Important Note for Restaurants and Bars

With the passage of Municipal Code 3.30.12, bar & restaurant occupation taxes can be deferred until June 25, 2020. However, tax returns should still be filed during this time indicating a deferred payment status. Interest and penalties will be waived for all deferred tax returns. These returns will be tracked in the ‘View History’ tab. Please note that you must pay deferred tax returns no later than June 25, 2020 to avoid interest and penalties.

Please Note
Payments will be processed on the first working day after the 25th of the month. Funds will be removed from your account the next working day.

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The first time you will need to set up your MyInterlinc account in order to submit your payments online. Please follow the below instructions when setting up your MyInterLinc account.

Once you have your MyInterlinc account set up, you will be able to remit your payments online. We have provided an overview of the payment process for you. Please feel free to print a copy to refer to as you complete the process.

More information concerning the Occupation Taxes