Facility Reservations

Inflatables & Bounce Houses

All inflatable and bounce houses used in a public area of City of Lincoln Parks and Recreation property must be provided by a City-Permitted Vendor. (EO #92282)

Permitted Inflatables & Bounce Houses Vendors

Fun Services
7535 D St
Omaha NE 68124
(402) 393-7393

Nebraska Bounce
699 Cory Dr
Seward NE 68434
(402) 643-5431

The Waterslide Guys
3308 N 190th Plz
Elkhorn NE 68022
(402) 979-3438

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my kid's bounce house from home for our event in the park?
  • No. Only City-permitted vendors may provide inflatables and bounce houses for events in the City Parks. These vendors are insured and aware of safety measures needed to keep people safe.
Does the City make arrangements for me to have an inflatable or bounce house at my event in the park?
  • No. You as the event organizer/park renter are responsible for contacting and making the arrangements with the City-permitted vendor.
Will the City help set up the inflatables?
  • No. Park staff will assist with determining allowable location for the inflatable or bounce house but the vendor it responsible for all set-up, installation and tear-down.
Our inflatable has a water feature, is that ok?
  • No. According to the Policy Section III. #4, Bounce houses that use water or have water features are prohibited on park premises.
What weather guidelines are used for inflatables and bounce houses in the parks?
  • All manufacturer guidelines must be followed by the vendor for the safe operation of the inflatable or bounce house. In the event of inclement or severe weather, such as winds higher than 15 miles per hour, rain, snow or thunderstorms, all use of the bounce house shall be discontinued until such time as the weather has been clear for more than half an hour.
The bounce house damaged the turf, who pays for the damage?
  • The event organizer/park renter who requested the use of the bounce house shall be responsible for paying for any damage to sod, grass or other park premises.
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