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When parking facilities reach the maximum capacity of issued permits, a wait list is employed to manage parking spaces available.

How It Works

  • Complete the wait list form below
  • Parking will contact you when a space is available
  • Accept or decline the space
  • Bring your form to 1100 "N" to get started!


  • Individuals on the waitlist will be contacted in the order they have registered.
  • An email address is the preferred method of contact. If you cannot be contacted your name will be deleted from the waitlist.
  • Once contacted, you have 5 business days to respond. After 5 business days your name will be dropped from the waitlist.
  • It is impossible to predict how long the wait may be as it depends on attrition. The number of names before yours, the location, and development agreements all impact the demand for a location.
  • If you would like to change a submission you have already made, please use the link in your email or call: 402-441-PARK(7275)
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