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Order NumberDateSubject
947889/10/2020Amendment for Additional Services on the Contract with eVerge Group, LLC, for Oracle HCM Cloud Implementation, SS-86, sum for the additional services is $243,579.00, revised contract sum shall not exceed $3,446,830.60.
947879/10/2020Consultant Agreement with JEO Consulting Group, Inc., in connection with Arbor Road Water Main Project No. 803304.265.1755 from Alvo Road to 40th Street & Interstate 80, contract amount shall not exceed $237,825.00.
947869/10/2020Quitclaim Deed conveying that portion of Outlot B, Normal Park, located in the Southeast Quarter of Section 32, Township 10 North, Range 7 East of the 6th P.M.
947859/10/2020Change Order No. 1 to contract with H.R. Bookstrom Construction, Inc., for Flood Restoration Sectionalizing Valve Installation, Bid No. 19-306, (Re: EO 93950, Project #705412.365.1750), for an increase of $74,053.93, revised contract amount shall not exceed $974,053.93, completion date has been extended by 4 days.
947849/10/2020Change Order No. 9 on contract with K2 Construction for the construction of Storm Drainage & Paving Project #700861.365.5621 being at 56th & Morton, in a decrease of $6,767.51 and completion date extended to 12/31/2020, revised contract amount shall not exceed $3,926,692.73.
947839/9/2020Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Fry & Associates, Inc., for Playground Equipment, MOU086, for Parks & Recreation, sum for this contract shall not exceed $400,000.00.
947829/9/2020Interlocal Agreement Renewal with Nebraska DHHS Division of Children & Family Services relating to the Refugee Health Screening from October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021 and shall not exceed $100,000.00, for Health Department.
947819/9/2020Amendment No. 1 to contract agreement with K2 Construction (EO 91460) for the Pine Lake Road widening project from 61st Street to Highway 2 (Project 701765, Bid No. 17-316) to withhold the sum of $100,000.00 as a result of liquidated damages assessed for the delay in completion of the Pine Lake Road widening project. Original contract amount of $8,491,729.60 and Change Orders of $637,167.02 is hereby revised to $9,028,896.62.
947809/9/2020Contract with Sandry Fire Supply, LLC, for Annual Supply Fire Hose, Bid No. 20-174, for Fire Department, sum for this term shall not exceed $100,000.00.
947799/9/2020Contract Renewal with Hawkins Water Treatment Group (Hawkins, Inc.), for Annual Supply - Caustic Soda Beads, Bid No. 18-200, for Transportation & Utilities, sum for this term shall not exceed $71,600.00.
947789/9/2020Contract Renewal with Sapp Bros. Inc., for Annual Supply - Lubricants, Bid No. 19-190, sum for this term shall not exceed $175,000.00.
947779/9/2020Contract Renewal with Traffic Control Corporation for Annual Supply TS2 Type 1 Mini Traffic Cabinets, Bid No. 18-218, for Transportation & Utilities - Traffic Engineering, sum for this term shall not exceed $60,000.00.
947769/9/2020Agreement with Staybridge Suites Lincoln I-80 relating to the emergency temporary housing for City employees exposed to or have contracted COVID-19 is hereby approved.