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Order NumberDateSubject
958368/25/2021Bid and Contract with Schneider Construction, LLC for the 2021 Residential Rehab Project #700899.365.5621 at Yankee Woods Drive, for sum of $145,626.00, for Transportation and Utilities.
958358/25/2021Amendment for renewal with Sandry Fire Supply, LLC, with increase for the supply of First Hoses in the amount not to exceed $99,750.00.
958348/25/2021The Selection and Negotiating Committees for Optimizing Water Distribution System Disinfectant Residuals - Engineering Services. Selection Committee shall consist of: Steve Owen, Brian Kramer, Alyson Hansen, Eric Lee and Suzanne Ideus. The Negotiating Committee shall consist of: Steve Owen, Donna Garden and Suzanne Ideus.
958338/25/2021Request of Lincoln Airport Authority, to design and construct the Sanitary Sewer for the new Terminal Building Expansion project at 2400 W. Adams Street.
958328/25/2021Amendment for renewal of the contract with Traffic Control Corporation for the supply of TS2 Type 1 Mini Traffic Cabinets in the amount not to exceed $275,000.00.
958318/25/2021Agreement renewal with Sapp Bros. Inc. for supply of lubricants.
958308/25/2021Subaward for Nebraska DHHS Division of Medicaid & Long Term Care providing Aging Partners with CASA, ADRC and Care Management state funds in the amount of $1,966,328.00.
958298/25/2021Agreement with Catholic Social Services of Southern Nebraska from 2/15/2021 for Rent and Utilities subgrant agreement in the amount of $32,962.00.
958288/23/2021Weekly distribution of funds for the week ended 8/19/2021.
958278/23/2021Agreement with BioAir Solutions, LLC. From 8/23/21 to 12/31/21 in the amount of $86,521.06 to complete an odor study on the west side of the Theresa Street WRRF plant.
958268/23/2021Renewal of contract with Alfred Benesch & Company and Project Control of Texas Inc. for the Construction Management and Inspection Services. Amount not to exceed $400,000.00.
958258/23/2021Memo of Understanding with Allo Communications, LLC. For Hosted Voice Over Internet Protocol Telephone Services. Amount not to exceed $590,302.20.
958248/23/2021Purchase from Wilkens Industries Inc. for 2 Solid Waste Transfer Trailers in the amount of $239,610.00.
958238/23/2021Renewal of the contract with Shermco for Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance Testing, LWS. Amount not to exceed $150,000.00.
958228/23/2021Administrative Regulation No. 39 for the use of social media by City of Lincoln employees when posting for or on behalf of the City and City Departments.