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Order NumberDateSubject
968768/19/2022Weekly disbursement of funds for week ended August 11, 2022.
968758/19/2022Amendment to contract with HDR Engineering for engineering design and construction phase services for replacement of contact basin valves at the Ashland water treatment, extending completion date to August 1, 2023, for Transportation and Utilities - Water.
968748/19/2022Change Order No. 1 to contract with K2 Construction for the LWWS Downtown Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project, to revise contract cost to $750,627.00 and final completion date to April 22, 2022, for Transportation and Utilities - Wastewater.
968738/19/2022Change Order No. 1 to agreement with Interstates, Inc. to extend substantial and final completion dates for the LWWS C6 & C7 Lift Station to November 30, 2022 and December 31, 2022, for Transportation and Utilities - Wastewater.
968728/19/2022Approving request of 2236 R Street, LLC to design and construct street paving for Lincoln Driving Park Company's 3rd Addition, for Transportation & Utilities.
968718/19/2022Contract renewal with John Henry's Plumbing, Heating & AC for Annual Service - Water Service Repairs and Main Tapping Service, Bid No. 20-144, not to exceed $200,000.00, for Transportation and Utilities - Water.
968708/19/2022Encroachment Agreement with VJK Enterprises, LLC, for Transportation and Utilities.
968698/19/2022Contract renewal with Hawkins, Inc. dba Hawkins Water Treatment Group for Annual Supply - Liquid Calcium Thiosulfate (Captor), Bid No. 21-133, from August 17, 2022 through February 16, 2023, not to exceed $112,000.00, for Transportation and Utilities - Water.
968688/19/2022Contract with Badger Meter, Inc. for Annual Supply - Fire Service Meters, Bid No. 22-155, not to exceed $250,000.00, for Transportation and Utilities - Water.
968678/19/2022Agreement with Child Advocacy Center for services outlined in the agreement, not to exceed $52,500.00, for Police.
968668/19/2022Contract with ESO Solutions, Inc. for Software Services for Fire Reporting, not to exceed $64,271.00, for Fire.
968658/19/2022Quote from Inteconnext for the purchase of Falcon Mobile Video trailer as specified, not to exceed $59,770.53, for Police.
968648/19/2022Contract with McGill Restoration, Incorporated for West Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Structural Repairs and Gallery Window Infill (Phase 1), Bid No. 22-157, for sum of $415,890.0, for Transportation and Utilities - Water.
968638/19/2022Release of Easement releasing the utility easement lying within the east-west alley in the block bounded by Alyesworth Avenue, Martin Street, 48th Street, and 49th Street, where said alley portion is immediately adjacent to Lots 1-6 inclusive on the north and immediately adjacent to Lots 7-12 inclusive on the south, all in block 22, Mills Addition to University Place. Said easement was recorded in the Lancaster County Register of Deeds Office as Inst. No. 1974-6245 on April 29, 1974
968628/19/2022Second amendment to lease with LPD Ave, LLC extending the least through January 31, 2023 for the property located at 4843 Huntington Avenue, for Police.
968618/18/2022Director of LTU is delegated to serve as Authorized Official to declare snow emergencies and parking prohibitions when conditions warrant after contact and consultation with Mayor's Chief of Staff or Deputy Chief of Staff between 9/1/22 & 8/31/23.
968608/17/2022Agreement with American Communications Group, Inc. for professional services of Eric Gerrard for term continuing no later than August 1, 2023, For City law