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Order NumberDateSubject
956877/7/2021Contract with Building Crafts, Inc. for A10 RAS-WAS pump station improvements. Expenditure in the amount of $509,000.00.
956867/7/2021Release of sanitary sewer easement releasing that portion of a 20' sanitary sewer easement and that portion of a 15' sanitary sewer easement dedicated by Instrument No. 1995-041575 lying within Lot 1, Wyuka Forth Addition, located in the Southwest Quarter of Section 20, Township 10 North, Range 7 East of the 6th P.M. in Lincoln Nebraska.
956857/7/2021Contract with White Castle Roofing & Gutters for Project No. 701993 Ashland Vehicle Maintenance Facility and Project No. 701994 Greenwood Pressure Regulating station roof replacements.
956847/7/2021Renewal of the contract with Physio Control Inc. in the amount of $47,414.00 and Life-Assist, Inc $251,570.00 for medical equipment and supplies for Lincoln Fire & Rescue.
956837/7/2021Amendment of the contract with Lincoln Winwater Works Company for supply of reduced wall resilient seated valves. Increase of $200,000.00 for an amount not to exceed $462,506.00.
956827/7/2021Contract with Landscapes Unlimited, LLC for Pioneer Golf Course Irrigation System Renovation in the amount of $1,498,440.00.
956817/7/2021Contract with Hawkins Water Treatment Group, Hawkins, Inc. for the supply of Liquid Calcium Thiosulfate (Captor). Expenditure for this term shall not exceed $178,812.50.
956807/7/2021Memo of Understanding with the City of Waverly regarding fire protection.
956797/9/2021Contract with Nebraska digging Services for the Jamaica North Bridge replacement. Expenditure for this contract is $179,536.50.
956787/9/2021Right of entry agreement between City and Olsson, Inc. for a right to enter land legally for a topographical and boundary survey, geotechnical, wetland, environmental sampling and other reviews.
956777/7/2021Memorandum of Understanding w/ The Greater Lincoln Workforce Development Board (GLWDB) & Southeast Community College-Carl Perkins Career and Technical Education (PARTNER) to determine and allocate the services and costs of funding those services at the American Job Center (AJC) and through the local workforce delivery system between the PARTNER and the GLWDB for the period of July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2024.
956767/6/2021Contract with Judds Bros Construction for the amount of $356,727.75 for the Water Main Project #803622.365.1750 being at So. 40th Street from 40th St from Rokeby Rd to 1/4 mile south.