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Order NumberDateSubject
957117/16/2021Agreement with Greater Lincoln Workforce Development Board for the final closeout of the WIOA agreements for One Stop Operator, Youth, and Adult and Dislocated Worker Services between the City of Lincoln and Arbor E&T, LLC dba Equus Workforce Solutions.
957107/16/2021Contract with 52 & R, LLC to sell 5201 R Street in the amount of $2500.00, to Police.
957097/15/2021Weekly disbursement of funds for the week ending 7/15/2021.
957087/15/2021Weekly disbursement of funds for the week ending 7/1/2021.
957077/15/2021Subaward renewal contract with the Nebraska DHHS Division of Developmental Disabilities in the amount of $168,294.00 for the continuation of the DHHS funding of the Aging Partners Senior Care Options program.
957067/15/2021Grant for the Food and Drug Administration to expand the AMC Risk Factor-Specific Best Practices for Food Establishments and an Active Managerial Control Inspection Model. (EO94871)
957057/15/2021Change Order No. 1 for contract with SCS Field Services for Bluff Road Landfill Soil Vapor Extraction System. Decrease in the amount of $2,999.62. (EO95473)
957047/15/2021Change Order No. 1 contract with MTZ Construction LLC, for an increase of $686.00 for the Southwest Recyclables Collection Site.
957037/15/2021Contract with MTZ Construction, LLC in the amount of $177,754.66 for the Bridge Deck Repair Project #705382.365.5628 at Oak Creek Bridge.
957027/15/2021Contract with MTZ construction, LLC in the amount of $35,301.57 for the Oak Creek Bridge repair.
957017/15/2021Contract with MTZ Construction, LLC in the amount of $19,749.00 for the O Street bridge repair.
957007/15/2021Change Order No. 1 Contract with Crossland Heavy Contractors for the increase of $42,776.00, for the LWS Ashland Chemical Feed System Replacement project. (EO94642)
956997/15/2021Approving request of HLI Development to design and construct street paving for Holiday Inn Express Alley.
956987/15/2021Change Order No. 1 with High Plains Enterprises, Inc. for the construction of Stream Stabilization Project at Olympic Heights Park. Increase in the amount of $19,267.00 for a revised amount of $169,195.50.
956977/15/2021Contract with Alfred Benesch & Company in the amount of $65,054.00 for paving project in the 40th & A street neighborhood.
956927/15/2021Grant contract with Bryan Health to provide a grant of Keno Human Services Prevention funds in the amount of $5,000.00, for the Lincoln ED Connections Program.
956917/12/2021Reappointment of Kyle Biggerstaff to the Mechanical Advisory and Appeals Board for a term to expire April 4, 2024.
956907/12/2021Reappointment of W. Don Nelson and Michael Justus to the City Performance Audit Committee for terms to expire August 15, 2023.
956897/12/2021Contract with New Horizons, LLC in the amount of $64,865.00 for the Phase I & II- Environmental Site Assessment for Star Tran.
956887/12/2021Easement and hold harmless agreement between 947 Terminal, LLC.