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Order NumberDateSubject
945006/19/2020Contract w/ Whitehead Oil Company, Lancaster County, and Public Building Commission for Annual Supply - Motor Fuel, Bid No. 20-137, not to exceed $830,000.00, for Purchasing.
944996/19/2020Selection and Negotiating Committees for Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) Software Programmer and Intellectual Property Investor, Bid No. 20-135 shall consist of the following members or their designated alternate: Selection Committee: David Young, Information Services; Mark Weiting, Information Services; Todd Duncan, County Sheriff; Clair Lindquist, LPD; Nate Atkins, County Corrections; Abigail Eccher, Consultant Advisor; Bob Walla, Purchasing Facilitator. Negotiating Committee: Todd Duncan, David Young, Steve Huggenberger, Bob Walla.
944986/19/2020Disability Pension for Firefighter Joseph G. Nelson whose disability was caused by or resulted from accident or other cause not occurring in the line of duty, approved by Disability Pension Review Committee, for Human Resources.
944976/18/2020Contract renewal w/ Capital Human Society for Annual Services - Animal Shelter Services, not to exceed $531,000.00 for Fiscal Year 2020-2021, $544,275.00 for Fiscal Year 2021-2022, compensation capped at 2.5% increase of previous two fiscal years for Fiscal Years 2022-2024, for Health.
944966/18/2020Contract renewal w/ MJM Innovations for Annual Service - SeniorStat Software Licensing, not to exceed $33,420.00, for Aging Partners.
944956/18/2020Encroachment Agreement w/ Wilderness Hills Apartments, LLC, for Planning.
944946/18/2020Real Estate Sales Agreement w/ Green River Properties, LLC for Outlot A, Sunnyside First Addition, in connection with the North 27th Street Redevelopment Plan, for sum of $1,500.00, for Urban Development.
944936/18/2020Change Order No. 2 to Contract w/ Building Crafts, Inc. for Theresa Street Biogas Conditioning System (702421.1750.365), for an increase of $166,419.02, completion date extended to August 23, 2020, revised contract total $8,273,806.19, for Transportation and Utilities - Wastewater.
944926/18/2020Memorandum of Understanding renewal w/ FASTER Asset Solutions for GSA Software and Services, not to exceed $50,076.00, for Police - Garage.
944916/17/2020Purchase from Sandry Fire Supply LLC for furnishing Fire Hose Accessories, Bid No. 20-118 (req 16649), for sum of $28,302.28, for Fire.
944906/17/2020Memorandum of Understanding w/ Hewlett Packard for Data Communications Products and Related Services, not to exceed $100,000.00, for Information Services.
944896/17/2020Unit Price Quotation from Gana Trucking and Excavating, Lancaster County, and Public Building Commission for Unit Price - Excavating, Dozing and Grading Services, Bid No. 16-292, in the amount of $31,903.83 for the Assurity Trailhead Project, for Parks and Recreation.
944886/17/2020Agreement w/ Nebraska Department of Agriculture relating to the cooperative program of inspection and regulation of Food Establishments from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021, for Health.
944876/17/2020Contract w/ General Traffic Controls, Inc. for Annual Supply - LED Blank Out Signs, Bid No. 20-105, not to exceed $42,600.00, for Transportation and Utilities - Traffic Engineering.
944866/16/2020Purchase from NMC, Inc. for one (1) Used Landfill Compactor, Bid No. 20-143 (req 16729), for sum of $185,250.00, for Transportation and Utilities - Solid Waste.
944856/16/2020Agreement w/ State of Nebraska, Department of Transportation for State Operating Assistance, for an increase of $149,338.24 for Fiscal Year 2019, Project RPT - M551 (19), revised agreement total $1,191,011.24, for Transportation and Utilities - StarTran.