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Order NumberDateSubject
966445/25/2022Consultant Grant Agreement in the amount of $700,000.00 w/ Community Development Resources to design, develop, and implement housing loan products and services to support the City's Affordable Housing Coordinated Action Plan to be paid from the General Fund.
966435/25/2022Sole Source Contract w/ RACOM for Annual Service fee on Digital Designs Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System, SS-182; expenditure shall not exceed $67,301.89, for Fire Department.
966425/25/2022Amendment for Renewal with Additional Line Items of the Contract w/ Cash-Wa Distributing Co. for Annual Supply - Food Products; expenditure shall not exceed $70,000.00, for Parks & Recreation.
966415/25/2022Memorandum of Understanding w/ Insight Public Sector, Inc. for Technology Products, Services, Solutions and Related Products and Services, MOU077, expenditure shall not exceed $650,000.00, for Information Services.
966405/25/2022Amendment No. 2 to Agreement w/ Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services to add reporting requirements on the COVID-19 Immunization award to support vaccination activities ; (Initial EO 95847 executed September 1, 2021; Amendment 1, EO 96350 executed February 22, 2022.
966395/25/2022Sublease Agreement w/ Arbor E&T, LLC dba Equus Workforce Solutions for office space subleased at the American Job Center; from 10/1/2021 to 9/30/2022; for a sum of $3,034.80, for Mayor's Office.
966385/25/2022Bid Submittals for Roadway Improvements Project #700659.365.5621 being at 40th & Rokeby Road; Bauer Infrastructure, LLC. approved for $2,461,050.80, for Transportation & Utilities.
966375/25/2022Bid Submittals for Paving Project #705289.365.5621 being at 40th & Rokeby Road; Bauer Infrastructure, LLC. approved for $3,691,122.95, for Transportation & Utilities.
966365/23/2022Transfer of Funds to Accounts Payable Revolving Fund for the week ended 5/19/2022, for Finance Department.
966355/23/2022Change Order No. 3 on Contract w/ Pavers, Inc. for the construction of LOTM Residential Rehabilitation #700633.365.5621 being at Seven Oaks Neighborhood; said change order results in no change in amount and the completion date for this contract has been extended to 6/17/2022.
966345/23/2022Renewal of Agreement w/ PreCise MRM, LLC. for Annual Service - Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Solution, MOU054; expenditure shall not exceed $115,000.00.