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965905/13/2022Transfer of Funds to Accounts Payable Revolving Fund for the week ended 5/5/2022, for Finance Department.
965895/13/2022Amendment No. 3 to Contract w/ Olsson, Inc. to Extend existing professional services contract for Lincoln Water System Wellfield PLC and SCADA Upgrades with no change in current contract amount, from 5/13/2022 to 12/31/2022.
965885/13/2022The Water Service Manual which sets forth standards, methods, and approved materials and devices used to obtain water service from the Lincoln Water System in accordance to the Lincoln Municipal Code 17.18.006 is hereby accepted and approved. This Manual dated April 2022 shall remain in effect until such time that further modifications are made by EO.
965875/13/2022Change Order to Contract w/ H.R. Bookstrom Construction, Inc. for LWWS Main Repair & Replacement Project completion date has been extended due to restricted access caused by property development adjacent to the project; revised final completion date is October 29, 2022; no change in financial obligation.
965865/13/2022Agreement w/ Stantec for Feasibility Study of Implementing a Biochar Program, from 5/13/2022 to 12/31/2022, for a sum of $80,000.00, for Transportation & Utilities - Solid Waste.
965855/13/2022Bid Submittals for LOTM Residential Rehabilitation Project #700651.365.5621 being at Belmont Neighborhood; K2 Construction approved for $1,525,071.44, for Transportation & Utilities.
965845/13/2022Amendment to Agreement w/ Tabitha, Inc. to provide OAA home delivered meals to eligible older adults who live in the City of Lincoln and Lancaster County; adding $50,000.00 to a revised total of $195,000.00, for Aging Partners.
965835/13/2022Bid Submittals for LOTM 2022 Arterial Rehabilitation Project #700638.365.5621 being at Randolph, 40th to 56th Street; MTZ Construction, LLC. approved for $979,693.00, for Transportation & Utilities.
965825/9/2022Deed of Reconveyance releasing any and all lien or interest which the City may have under Inst. No. 2019-048581 and Inst. No. 2020-039206 in real property at 6139 Kearney Avenue under loan agreement w/ Donna M. Frye and Thomas J. Frye.
965815/9/2022Amendment for Renewal of Agreement w/ Spare Lab, Inc. for VANLNK - StarTran On-Demand Service Scheduling, PS-013, expenditure shall not exceed $140,000.00