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Order NumberDateSubject
954174/1/2021Contract w/ Cheever Construction Company for Renovation of Cascade Fountain, Bid No. 21-024, for sum of $1,115,200.00, for Parks and Recreation.
954164/1/2021Agreement w/ Nebraska Nova, LLC allowing the Parking Services Division to provide parking management services in Innovation Campus for special events, from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022, for Urban Development.
954154/1/2021Purchase from Advanced Security Technologies LLC for furnishing Mobile and Transportable Anti-Vehicle Barriers, Bid No. 21-047, for sum of $111,980.00, for Police.
954144/1/2021Administrative Regulation No. 45 to establish and define requirements for collecting, storing, processing, and transmitting credit card data to ensure proper control and integrity of data as well as to facilitate compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) Requirements.
954133/31/2021Reappointing Christopher Calihan and Paul Illich to the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development Advisory Committee for terms expiring January 1, 2022.
954123/31/2021Appointing Mauricio Lang and Jeff Altman to the Pedestrian/Bicycle Advisory Committee for terms expiring September 1, 2023 and George Duncan for a term expiring September 1, 2022.
954113/31/2021Pursuant to Executive Order 94155 and Resolution No. A-92047 and Executive Order 94437, affirming the Mayor's declaration of a state of emergency and authorizing the Mayor to use emergency powers pursuant to Lincoln Municipal Code 2.06.050, I hereby execute the following Order: Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit approval process and authority of the Outdoor Dining Review Committee established by Executive Order 94437 shall be extended from March 31, 2021 to August 31, 2021. The above Order hereby ordered for the City of Lincoln shall have a retroactively effective date of 12:00 a.m., March 31, 2021, and continue until August 31, 2021, unless renewed, extended, or terminated by subsequent order.
954103/31/2021Naming Dylan Wren, Administrator of Workforce Services as the individual that will be submitting the Regional Plan on Local Plan on behalf of the Greater Lincoln Workforce Development Board, by April 1, 2021, for Mayor.
954093/31/2021Agreement w/ Speece Lewis Engineers, Inc. for Design Phase Services in connection with the 14th & Cornhusker Rehabilitation Project 705365.265.5628, not to exceed $69,950.00, for Transportation and Utilities.
954083/31/2021Agreement Renewal w/ Graybar Electric Company, Inc., Lancaster County, and Public Building Commission for Annual Supply - Electrical, Lighting, Data Communications and Security Products, MOU019, not to exceed $110,000.00, for Purchasing.
954073/31/2021Weekly disbursement of funds for week ended March 25, 2021.
954063/31/2021Agreement Renewal w/ Whitehead Oil Company, Lancaster County and Public Building Commission for Annual Supply - Motor Fuel, Bid No. 20-137, not to exceed $830,000.00, for Purchasing.