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Order NumberDateSubject
954574/16/2021Approving request of Heritage Lakes, LLC to design and construct sanitary sewer for Hillcrest CC 5th Addition.
954564/16/2021Approving request of Heritage Lakes, LLC to design and construct water main for Hillcrest CC 5th Addition.
954554/16/2021Approving request of R.C. Krueger Development to design and construct water main for the Woodlands at Yankee Hill 34th Addition.
954544/15/2021Economic Development Agreement w/ Lincoln Chamber Economic Development Corporation, from September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021, for sum of $700,000.00.
954534/13/2021Weekly disbursement of funds for week ended April 8, 2021.
954524/13/2021Consultant Agreement w/ Edocument Resources LLC dba DataBank IMX for Enterprise Content Management Solutions, not to exceed $110,000.00, for Purchasing.
954514/13/2021Contract renewal w/ Colorado Paint Company II, LLC for Annual Supply - Methyl Methacrylate Marking Material, Bid No. 20-084, not to exceed $150,000.00, for Transportation and Utilities - Traffic Engineering.
954504/13/2021Amendment to Contract w/ BiC Construction, LLC for Eagle Garage Renovation - General Construction Project BP-4, Bid No. 20-107, for an increase of $53,417.00, revised contract total $3,392,251.00, for Urban Development - Parking Services.
954494/13/2021Authorizing the Director of Transportation and Utilities to sign as the Authorized Official for any standard Nebraska Department of Transportation agreements that are required for reimbursement or to receive state funding.
954484/13/2021Partial Release of Easement releasing the platted utility easements lying within the West 10.0' of Lot 2, Glynoaks Plaza 1st Addition except the North 40.2' thereof; and the South 10.0' of said Lot 2 except the East 10.0' thereof. Said easements were dedicated in the Final Plat of Glynoaks Plaza 1st Addition, recorded in the Lancaster County Register of Deeds Office on November 11, 2011 as Instrument No. 2011-051131.
954474/13/2021Agreement w/ JEO Consulting Group Inc. for design and construction services for a bank stabilization project on the SEUSC Northwest Tributary, not to exceed $57,745.00, for Transportation and Utilities - Watershed.
954464/13/2021Bid and Contract w/ Northridge Underground, LLC for Water Main Replacement Project #702858.365.1750 at Huntington Ave from 34th to 43rd Street, for sum of $489,649.15, for Transportation and Utilities.
954454/13/2021Amendment #1 to the Programmatic Grant Addendum to the FitLot Partnership Agreement w/ FitLot, Inc. providing for unspent funds to be donated to a local 501(c)(3) with a health-related mission at the end of the 18-month timeframe, for Parks and Recreation.
954444/13/2021Real Estate Purchase Agreement w/ Ceejay, LLC in connection with the acquisition of a portion of Lot 2 and Outlot A, Carroll M5 Addition, more commonly known as 2525 Cleveland Street, for Transportation and Utilities.
954434/13/2021Purchase from Anderson Ford Lincoln for furnishing two (2) each 2021 Ford High Roof Cargo Vans (req 16937), for sum of $81,446.00, for Police.
954424/13/2021Order Form Agreement w/ Logi Analytics relating to the software subscription and maintenance from March 31, 2021 to March 30, 2022, for Health.
954414/12/2021Agreement Renewal w/ SHI International Corp. for Annual Service - Cloud Services, Bid No. STATE OF NE 79380 O4, not to exceed $143,655.97, for Purchasing.
954404/12/2021Agreement w/ Carollo Engineers, Inc. to update the Lincoln Wastewater Sewer System Management Plan, from April 12, 2021 to December 15, 2021, for sum of $40,420.00, for Transportation and Utilities.
954394/12/2021Bid and Contract w/ MTZ Construction, LLC for Residential Rehabilitation Project #705264.365.5621 at Salt Creek Neighborhood, for sum of $487,672.00, for Transportation and Utilities.