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953473/5/2021Contract with Capital Arborist Tree for Unit Price - City/County Tree Trimming and Removal Services, Bid No. 20-267, (2 other vendors included in this contract), combined sum for all 3 vendors shall not exceed $50,000.00.
953463/5/2021Agreement with Cedars Youth Services relating to the Healthy Families America Program from October 1, 2020 through September 30, 2021 for $171,797.00.
953453/5/2021Community Acknowledgment Form related to the application of Mark A. Bousek & Gayle A. Bousek for a FEMA Letter of Map Revision on property legally described as Outlot A. Wilderness Creek 3rd Addition, also attached Building Restriction Agreements. 3/10/21 - Filed w/ Reg. of Deeds; Inst. #2021015075.
953443/5/2021Agreements with Rural Fire Districts and Villages is hereby accepted and approved.
953433/5/2021Contract Renewal with Mid-Continent Safety, DXP (DXP Enterprises, Inc.), Lancaster County and the Lincoln-Lancaster Public Building Commission, for Annual Supply - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and First Aid Supplies, Bid No. 18-021, sum for this contract shall not exceed $70,000.00.
953423/5/2021Weekly disbursement of funds for week ended February 26, 2021.
953413/5/2021Change Order No. 1 to Contract with Pavers, Inc., for the construction of 2019 Citywide Arterial Rehabilitation Project #701878.365.5621 being at various locations, for an increase of $72,141.34, revised contract amount shall not exceed $1,740,927.69.
953403/3/2021Quitclaim Deed conveying the right-of-way for that portion of South 34th Street south of Tree Line Drive from the west right-of-way line of South 34th Street to its eastern limit, located in the Southeast Quarter of Section 30, Township 9 North, Range 7 East of the 6th P.M. as vacated by Ordinance No. 21026, passed by the Lincoln City Council on February 8, 2021.
953393/3/2021Selection & Negotiating Committees for Professional Architect Services - New Central Library, RFP No. 21-045, shall consist of the following members or their designated alternate: Selection Committee: Lisa Hale, Rhonda Seacrest, Gail McNair, Dallas McGee, Adam Hoebelheinrich, Katherine Ankerson, Pat Leach, Bob Walla; Negotiating Committee: Pat Leach, Adam Hoebelheinrich, Bob Walla.
953383/3/2021Change Order No. 10 to Contract with K2 Construction for the construction of Storm Drainage & Paving Project #700861.365.5621 being at 56th & Morton, for an increase of $3,129.45 and completion date extended to 5/15/2021, revised contract amount shall not exceed $3,929,822.18.
953373/3/2021Contract Renewal with Badger Meter, Inc., for Annual Supply - Small Meters 2020 - Connector for 100W+ pit ERT, Bid No. 20-053, sum for this contract shall not exceed $250,000.00.
953363/3/2021Childcare Tuition Funding & Disbursement Agreement with Lincoln Community Foundation which is the advisor and administration for Lincoln Littles, a program that provides funding for access to quality childcare to families with low to moderate income. The funding and disbursement agreement shall not exceed $500,000.00, and is in effect one year from execution of until CDBG funds are spent, whichever comes first.
953353/3/2021Contract with GRNE Solar for Hazardous Waste Facility Solar Panel Supply and Installation, Bid No. 20-274, sum for this contract shall not exceed $95,302.67.
953343/2/2021Memorandum of Understanding with Cash-Wa Distributing Company for Food Products and Distribution with Related Equipment, Supplies and Services, MOU065, sum for this contract shall not exceed $180,000.00.
953333/2/2021Proclamation of Election that a City Primary Election will be held in the City of Lincoln on Tuesday, April 6, 2021, for the purpose of nominating: 6 candidates for the office of Council member at large; 4 candidates for the Airport Authority Board; 2 candidates for the office of Member of the Board of Education (District 1); 2 candidates for the office of Member of the Board of Education (district 3); 2 candidates for the office of Member of the Board of Education (District 5); 2 candidates for the office of Member of the Board of Education (District 7).
953323/2/2021Letter of Intent to provide $5,000 in funding to the Lincoln Community Foundation, Inc., in March 2021, to assist with compensation for the Lincoln Vital Signs Fifth Biennial Publication to be published in the summer of 2022.
953313/2/2021Amendment to Extend the Contract with HP, Inc., for Computer Equipment: (Desktop, laptop and tablet), Peripherals and Related Services, sum for this contract shall not exceed $95,000.00.
953303/2/2021Supplemental Land Exchange Agreement between 4T Development LLC and R.C. Krueger Development Company, original agreement was approved by Ordinance 20559 on September 25, 2017, and amended by EO 92327 on September 25, 2018, regarding Jensen Park and adjacent private development land, which Supplemental Land Exchange Agreement addresses the right-of-way at 84th Street and Hayek Drive.
953293/2/2021Agreement with The Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) to provide assistance in recruiting and selecting a police chief for the Lincoln Police Department.
953283/2/2021Contract with Constructors, Inc., for Compost Facility Improvements, Bid No. 21-011, sum for this contract shall not exceed $218,741.00.