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954053/26/2021Community Acknowledgment Form related to the application of R I P, Inc. for a FEMA Letter of Map Revision on property legally described as Lots 1-26, inclusive, except the West 5 feet of Lots 13 and 14 and Building Restriction Agreements to Ensure Structures are Reasonably Safe from Flooding which provides restrictions on the development of the property in order to ensure that structures are reasonably safe from flooding. 4/21/21 - Filed w/ Reg. of Deeds; Inst. #2021023940.
954043/26/2021Appointing the following individuals to the Mayor's Committee for International Friendship for terms expiring March 31, 2022: Chastity VonWonder, Jill Wightman, Natalie Hahn. Reappointing the following individuals: Crystal Bock Thiessen, Brooke David, Gary Heusel, Lisa Lee, Paul Johnson, Tanisha Lewis.
954033/26/2021Selection and Negotiating Committees for Automated Permitting & Licensing Application, RFP No. 21-064 shall consist of the following members or their designated alternate: Selection Committee: Brent Pavel, Health; David Young, Information Services; Jeff McRenyolds, GIS Program Manager; Joyce Davidson, Systems Development Manager; Paul Barnes, Principal Planner; Missy Minner, GIS Analyst; Chad Blahak, Building and Safety; Liz Elliott, Transportation and Utilities; Bob Walla, Purchasing Facilitator. Negotiating Committee: Liz Elliott, David Young, Bob Walla.
954023/26/2021Restructuring of fees and rental periods for City Park facilities as shown in the attached fee schedule, effective April 1, 2021, for Parks and Recreation.
954013/26/2021Purchase from Midwest Turf & Irrigation for furnishing Irrigation Controllers, (req 16982), for sum of $132,100.35, for Parks and Recreation.
954003/26/2021Contract w/ Michael Baker International for 2021 Pavement Data Collection, RFP 20-256, for sum of $336,000.00, for Transportation and Utilities.
953993/24/2021Weekly disbursement of funds for week ended March 18, 2021.
953983/23/2021Service Agreement w/ Tabitha Health Care Services, Inc. relating to the administration of COVID-19 vaccinations to individuals who are deemed home bound, not to exceed $175,000.00, for Health.
953973/23/2021Real Estate Purchase Agreement w/ Southwood Lutheran Church, for sum of $770,000.00, for City Attorney.
953963/23/2021Contract w/ R & C Concrete for Old City Hall Wall and Stair Repair, Bid No. 21-010, not to exceed $57,592.00, for Purchasing.
953953/23/2021Contract w/ T.J. Osborn Construction Inc. for Sunrise Estates Trunk Sewer - Public Sanitary Sewer Improvements, Bid No. 21-028, not to exceed $366,059.00, for Transportation and Utilities.
953943/23/2021Memorandum of Understanding w/ WatchGuard Video and Lancaster County for Public Safety Video System, not to exceed $145,000.00, for Police.
953933/23/2021Contract w/ MTZ Construction LLC for Southwest Recyclables Collection Site, Bid No. 21-021, not to exceed $348,579.00, for Transportation and Utilities.
953923/23/2021Contract renewal w/ J & A Traffic Products and Lancaster County for Annual Supply - Square Steel Sign Post System, Hardware and Accessories, Bid No. 18-045, not to exceed $175,000.00, for Transportation and Utilities.
953913/23/2021Subgrant Agreement w/ University of Nebraska-Lincoln-Center on Children, Families, and the Law (CCFL),from February 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021, not to exceed $87,450.00 for Urban Development.
953903/23/2021Subgrant Agreement w/ Centerpointe, Inc., from February 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021, not to exceed $119,995.00, for Urban Development.
953893/23/2021Contract w/ AndiSites for AJC/WIOA Website Design Services, Bid No. 20-269, not to exceed $67,500.00, for Purchasing.