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Order NumberDateSubject
953573/10/2021Contract with Hoglund Bus Co., Inc., for Full Size Low Floor Conversion Vans - StarTran, Bid No. 20-233, sum for this contract shall not exceed $602,679.00.
953563/10/2021Weekly disbursement of funds for week ended March 4, 2021.
953553/10/2021Consultant Agreement with SCS Engineers for the Bluff Road Landfill, Alternative Final Cover Maintenance and Monitoring Support, for a term of 3/10/21 to 2/28/23, sum for this contract shall not exceed $85,000.00.
953543/10/2021Consultant Agreement with Sara Cooper for the development of solid waste curriculum, for the term of 3/10/21 to 3/10/23, sum for this agreement shall not exceed $79,240.00.
953533/9/2021Contract Renewals (2) with CPR Savers & First Aid Supplies and One Beat CPR Learner Center LLC for Annual Supply - Automated External Defibrillators, Bid No. 19-033, combined sum for these contracts shall not exceed $70,000.00.
953523/9/2021Contract Renewal with Dutton-Lainson Company for Annual Supply - Itron Model 100W+and 100WP+ pit Style Endpoints, Bid No. 20-054, sum for this contract shall not exceed $262,000.00.
953513/8/2021Amendment to Contract with Thien Farm Management, Inc., for Annual Service - Farm Management, Bid No. 11-165, sum for this term shall not exceed $75,000.00.
953503/8/2021Consent to Collateral Assignment and Pledge Agreement with Hausman Development and Pinnacle Bank, in regards to the Conditional Zoning Agreement for 8801 Holdrege (A-92108). Said pledge is held as security by Lender for Developer's obligations.
953493/8/2021Rent and Utility Assistance Disbursement Agreement with University of Nebraska - Lincoln, Center on Children, Families and the Law ("CCFL"), THE Nebraska Children and Families Foundation ("NCFF") for funding not to exceed the sum of $12,105,647.82 from United States Treasury Funds, subject to the duties and restrictions set forth in Exhibit A, agreement shall be effective February 15, 2021 through December 31, 2021.
953483/8/2021Partial Release of Easement releasing a portion of the platted utility easement lying within Lot 1, Campion Addition, located in the Northeast Quarter of Section 26, Township 10 North, Range 6 East of the 6th P.M. Said easement was dedicated in the Final Plat of Campion Addition, recorded in the Lancaster County Register of Deeds Office on December 11, 2020 as Instrument No. 2020-066884.