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Order NumberDateSubject
963022/4/2022Change Order No. 4 to contract w/ Building Crafts, Inc. to extend the final completion date by twelve (12) days due to unfavorable weather conditions.
963012/4/2022Change Order No. 1 on contract w/ Olsson Associates to increase the contract amount and extends the contract term due to additional project management and permit coordination caused by an extended construction schedule, from 2/4/2022 to 9/30/2022, amount increase of $5,600.00.
963002/4/2022Agreement w/ JEO Consulting Group for No. 14th Street Corridor Study, from 2/4/2022 to 12/31/ 2022, for sum of $399,880.00.
962992/4/2022Agreement w/ Alfred Benesch & Company for typographic Surveys, from 2/4/2022 to 6/1/2022, for a sum of $108.291.77.
962982/4/2022Bid Submittals for South Haymarket Project #413562.395.5621, being at 6th to 7th Street under Rosa Parks Ways, Bauer Infrastructure, LLC. approved for $1,732,210.05.
962972/4/2022Agreement w/ NeighborWorks- Lincoln to provide operating funds with Home Investment Partnership (HOME) funds, from 9/1/2021 to 8/31/2022, for sum of $36,278.00.
962962/4/2022Agreement w/ NeighborWorks- Lincoln for funding to provide Home Buyer Training, from 9/1/2021 to 8/31/2022, for sum of $178,364.00.
962952/4/2022Bid Submittals for Paving Project 700665.365.5628, being at Holdrege at 104th street, Bauer Infrastructure, LLC approved for $1,142,665.26.
962942/4/2022Contract w/ K2 Construction for "N" Street Streetscape Project, Bid No. 21-239, expenditure of $449,294.75, for Urban Development Department.
962932/4/2022Right of Entry Agreement w/ Cotswold Management, LLC to allow Cotswold to enter onto City and JPA property located within West Haymarket 4th Addition and adjacent to City Right-of-way until Cotwold completes rehabilitation and construction activities on its property.
962922/4/2022Contract w/ All Road Barricades, Inc. and J & A Traffic Products for Annual Supply - Traffic Channelizing and barricades Devices, Bid No. 21-237, expenditures shall not exceed $100,000.00, for Transportation & Utilities - Traffic Engineering.
962912/3/2022Partial Release of Easement releasing that part of Outlot "A", Himark Estates 22nd Addition, located in the Northwest Quarter of Section 11, Township 9 North, Range 7 East of the 6th P.M., filed of record with the Lancaster County Register of Deeds Office on October 6, 2020 as Instrument No. 2020-051532, easement was dedicated in the Final Plat of Himark Estates 22nd.
962902/3/2022Corrective Corporation Warranty Deed w/ 2201 N Cotner, LLC to correct legal description in Lot 6, Block 21, Bethany Heights, for a sum of ($1.00 & OVC), Supersedes & Corrects EO 95893, executed September 21, 2021.
962892/3/2022Amendment for Renewal of Contract and Company Name Change w/ Nebraska Environmental Products (Trans-Iowa Equipment), for Annual Supply - Metam Based Foaming Sewer Root Control, expenditure shall not exceed $75,000.00, for Transportation & Utilities - Wastewater.
962882/3/2022Amendment to Consultant Agreement w/ 21st Century Policing Solutions, LLC for Consulting services.
962872/3/2022Amendment for Renewal of Contract w/ Just Staffing, LLC, for Annual Supply - Litter Collection and Temporary Help Services, expenditure shall not exceed $400,000.00, for Transportation & Utilities.
962862/3/2022Amendment of Contract for Additional Expenditures w/ J & A Traffic Products, for Annual Supply - Square Steel Sign Post System, Hardware and Accessories, Additional Expenditure is $100,000.00 for the remaining term of the contract, the revised contract total with the additional expenditure shall not exceed $275,000.00, for Transportation & Utilities - Traffic.
962852/2/2022Agreement w/ Andritz Separation Inc., to furnish repair of D6LXC60CHPE2 Centrifuge machine, Sole Source purchase, from 2/2/22 to 3/31/22, for sum of $97,805.00, for Transportation & Utilities - Wastewater Division.
962842/2/2022Agreement w/ E & A Consulting Group, Inc. for the design of approximately 2,600 lineal feet of 15" sanitary sewer located general south and west of the intersection of Arbor Rd and North 70th Street and will be in general conformance with the Sanitary Sewer Main Study Previously prepared by E & A, from 2/2/22 to 10/14/22, for sum of $74,900.00, for Transportation & Utilities - Wastewater.
962832/2/2022Agreement w/ Databank IMX for support for LTU-specific OnBase applications, from 9/1/21 - 6/30/22, for sum of $63,420.00, for Transportation & Utilities.