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Order NumberDateSubject
9603011/5/2021Contract with Life-Assist, Inc. and Bound Tree Medical, LLC for Pharmaceuticals for LFR and USAR. Amount not to exceed $65,000.00.
9602911/5/2021Contract with Midwest Service and Sales Co. for Fleet Operations. Amount not to exceed $85,000.00.
9602811/5/2021Contract with McGill Restoration, Inc. for the University Square Parking Garage Elevated Walkway Rehab. Amount not to exceed $157,064.65.
9602711/5/2021Weekly disbursement of funds for the week ended 11/4/2021.
9602611/5/2021Change Order No. 4 with J.J. Westhoff Construction Co. for a decrease in the amount of $89,760.78 on the Bluff Road Landfill Phase 14 Project.
9602511/4/2021Easement Agreement by and between 947 Terminal, LLC. That allows the City of Lincoln to guarantee's property should the property not conform with the City of Lincoln Design Standards by September 29, 2028.
9602411/4/2021Modification to existing agreement with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln-Center on Children, Families and the Law to include $8,869,165.10 in funds available pursuant to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, ERA 2. Includes and covers all transactions as of the 1st day of September, 2021.
9602311/3/2021Amendment to Redevelopment Agreement (Terminal Building Residences Redevelopment Project) between the City of Lincoln and 947 Terminal, LLC.
9602211/2/2021Weekly disbursement of funds for the week ended 10/28/2021.
9602111/1/2021Contract with JEO Consulting Group, Inc, Kirkham Michael & Associates and Olsson for Snow Removal services. Amount not to exceed $100,000.00.
9601511/1/2021Agreement with Clark & Enersen to provide professional services to the LPD Northeast Team Station & Communications Center. Amount not to exceed $249,790.00.