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Order NumberDateSubject
9497611/12/2020Amendment No. 1 to Agreement for Engineering Services with HDR Engineering, Inc. for Methane Migration Support for the Bluff Road Solid Waste Management Facility in the amount of $58,916.00 (Project No. 705207.5628.265), total contract shall not exceed $83,866.00.
9497511/12/2020Quote 20725622 for centrifuge repairs with Andritz Separation in the amount of $69,480.00 (Project No. 72100.6995.1320).
9497411/12/2020Grant Contract Agreements with Lancaster County Attorney Office and Lancaster County Sheriff Office to provide funding for the employees who participate in the Lincoln/Lancaster Narcotics Task Force. Total funding for all agencies shall not exceed $201,703.01 specific awards are in each contract.
9497311/12/2020Release of Easement for Utility Lines and/or Underground Utility Facilities releasing the easement for utility lines and/or underground utility facilities located on and across a portion of Outlot B, Normal Park, located in the Southeast Quarter of Section 32, Township 10 North, Range 7 East of the 6th P.M. Said easement for utility lines and/or underground utility facilities was recorded with the Lancaster County Register of Deeds as Instrument No. 2020-048053 on September 18, 2020. The new easement has been recorded as Instrument No. 2020-057858 on October 30, 2020.
9497211/12/2020Service Agreement with Lincoln Arts Council for a term of September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021, sum for this term shall not exceed $95,609.00.
9497111/12/2020Agreement with JEO Consulting Group, Inc., for Comprehensive Watershed Master Plan, Project No. 700894, RFP 20-027, sum for this term shall not exceed $448,517.00.
9497011/10/2020Preliminary Engineering Services Agreement for professional engineering services by JEO Consulting Group for the design of the Beal Slough Trail not to exceed $17,900.11 to be paid for with Parks and Trails Impact Fees.